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PVAF has recently received an application for a bright  but poor student, Vijay, who has secured admission in university to study for a 4-year civil engineering degree...Vijay is from moto valzar in gujraat from a family whose status has been verified by the President SRii Kamleshbhai Prajapati of Shree Prajapati Education Foundation (SPEF) based in Bilimora.  SPEF is PVAF sister organization looking after PVAF Gujraat Education Program in Gujraat...Here is a little eye-opener on facing poverty in life:  

Vijay's proud but very poor mother and father earn as unskilled labourers about Rs 90 per day when they can find work. Vijay lives with his parents and one 15 year old sister in his uncle's house as his father's house is falling apart...Vijay and his family live with bare minimum of household things. Although being illiterate and poor, Vijay's mother and father have raised two children who have done very well in school....Vijay has secured admission to get a civil engineering degree...that is quite an achievement for a very poor boy ....Vijay's sister is also doing well in standard 11 and is looking forward to study at the university....Vijay and his sister can get out of poverty with education....

PVAF is praying to YOU to please click on the next line to read the very sad report from SPEF about this student and his family...PVAF prays that YOU will offer a viDyaa -Daan (donation for education) to support this bright student, Vijay, to become an engineer and help himself to get out of his unfortunate poverty....   

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From: PVAF-G-Bilimora-Kamlesh Prajapati
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 1:56 AM
To: Champak D. Mistry
Cc: PVAF-B-Calgary:Chandrakant Lad
Subject: PVAF GEP Scholarship Application of Vijaykumar Lad for Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Degree

Pranaam Champakbhai, Chandrakantbhai, Bhavin, Kalpesh and ALL PVAF MEMBERS.... HARI OM:

Champakbhai I received the e-mail about the Vijay on 15 April-2003 and because of my busy schedule and because of some laziness I have not been able to give confirmation about the application of Vijay for a PVAF scholarship to study for an engineering degree through PVAF Gujraat Education Program...

I and Narendrabhai (Manager of PVAF Bilimora Computer Centre) feel very bad when I and Narendarbhai visited Vijay's  family because they are living very much below the poverty line. And this poverty has made me feel that I should have visited this family very quickly after receiving the request from PVAF in April 2003. This would have speeded up processing Vijay's application by PVAF....

Vijay's father is a kumbhaar (potmaker) by traditional family line of work. But he is not a skilled kumbhaar and hence works as a kumbhaar's  (potmaker) labourer and earns daily Rs. 50. Vijay's mother, who is original from Rumal, also works as labourer in farm and also as kumbhaar's labourer to prepare clay for making traditional clay pots. She earns Rs. 40=00 per day. Vijay's father and mother can only get this work and earn money when the work is available. The work is only available for about 6  months a year. The availability of work also depends on the seasons. In rainy season Vijay's parent cannot find work.

Vijay has one younger sister who is studying in standard 11 Arts. Vijay's younger sister also helps her parents in their labour work when she has spare time from attending school or after doing homework from school.

Vijay's home owned by his parents is completely damaged and un-livable. Thus Vijay's parents and sister are presently staying in Vijay's  uncle's home.  We found that Vijay's family owns only 4-5 steel dishes and one stove in kitchen. There is about 2-3 Steel tapeli (cooking pots) in kitchen.

Presently Vijay's parents have borrowed money from  an acquaintance to pay for the continuing education of Vijay and his sister. But I think even this borrowed money is not enough for normal study expenses.

There are a total 85 kumbhaar families in Vijay's gaam (village) which is called moto valzar.  Only 10 percent family are in this gaam are above the poverty line with medium income.

After studying Vijay's home and meeting with his parents I request that PVAF grant Vijay full scholarship to study for his engineering degree as soon as possible. I have asked Vijay to submit an account of the amount his father has borrowed from other people for enabling Vijay and his to continue his education .

We have also taken some photographs of Vijay's family members and his home will be available tomorrow. From that photograph you realize that how critical the situation this family is in !

Hari Om

Dr. Kamlesh Prajapati
President, Shree Prajapati Education Foundation


PVAF has a complete application of Vijaykumar. Those who wish to donate to Vijaykumar's scholarship are kindly requested to post a message by clicking on the COMMENT in the header of this news item or contact by email to Prajapati Vishva Aashram Foundation  by clicking on the blue highlight. Please visit PVAF PROGRAM page on this web site to know all details on PVAF Gujraat Education Program.  Also below is the outline information on the PVAF Gujraat Education Program.   

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