Posted by Ashram News Reporter on July 9, 2003

At PVAF we are greatly blessed with the continual sevaa of our webmaster SRii bhavin champaklal mistry....bhavin has completed the creation of a new TODAY'S CALENDAR....

This new TODAY'S CALENDAR has vedik calendar in the base box of monthly Julian calendar which is used around the now one can access daily calendar by clicking on TODAY'S CALENDAR on the right side of your computer screen and know the veDik calendar day for any Julian date...By clicking on any date in the calendar box one can get the details of the day's veDik celebrations, fasting, worships of gods-godesses and piTRuo, etc...

The veDik calendar has been compiled by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii....the veDik calendar compilation has been completed for the rest of the vikRm svNt 2059 and the first month of vikRm svNt 2060....The day celebrations and worships is being compiled and will be completed shortly...

TODAY'S CALENDAR on this PVAF website has been presented as a medium for learning veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE... For understanding this statement please click on the next line to read the write up about what, why and how of  TODAY'S CALENDAR provided by SRii chmpklaal daajibhaai misTRii who is the PVAF volunteer co-ordinating the compiling and spreading of veD knowledge through this  PVAF web site.........

Since its birth in 1996, Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) has continually grown through the grace of creator bRHmH who has been continually inspiring PVAF volunteers to grow and prosper in their own lives through the sevaa (service) they render to PVAF..... 

And in this PVAF tradition of daily dynamic have not seen TODAY'S CALENDAR this week ...because TODAY'S CALENDAR is being totally re-designed by PVAF webmaster SRii bhavin champaklal mistry ....the new TODAY'S CALENDAR will have ultimately following features:

  • monthly and yearly calendar tables which one can see at a glance
  • combined veDik and Julian calendars
  • listing of veDik celebration for each day of the year
  • a click on read of full details of each celebrations
  • connection to the in-depth science of life knowledge of these celebrations from veD texts.   


Many of YOU  have repeatedly told PVAF how popular and full of knowledge  TODAY'S CALENDAR has been since its creation in 2001 on this PVAF website...and TODAY'S CALENDAR has continually gone through many bring YOU increasing amount of knowledge about daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-year celebrations in veDik lifestyle....

The prime purpose of having TODAY'S CALENDAR is to learn about:

  • why do veDik peoples live and practice lifestyle based on the knowledge of the SCIENCE OF LIFE contained in the eternal veD which provides all the science needed to create, sustain and recreate this bRHmaaND (universe) and everything that exists in this bRHmaaND,
  • why do veDik peoples have daily practices of prayers at their homes and at their mNDir (temples),
  • why do veDik peoples have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-year ceremonies and celebrations to propitiate the Daevo (gods)  and Daevio (goddesses) they have faith in and they believe in,
  • who are these Daevo (gods)  and Daevio (goddesses) and who created them and what are their functions and purposes in this universe,
  • how do these prayers, celebrations and ceremonies sustain and prosper life,
  • what are the right vidhio (rites prescribed by veD) and kARm (life activities of living beings) to be performed in these prayers, ceremonies and celebrations,
  • what are the fruits and rewards of these prayers, ceremonies and celebrations in this life and in future life to come,
  • what are do's and don'ts of these prayers, ceremonies and celebrations....

All of the above is being presented directly in TODAY'S PRAYERS from the original veD knowledge extracted from the 4 veD, 18 puraaANo, itihaas such as raamaayAN and mHaa-bhaart, and upniSHD as the prime and true source.

The above sources are then supplemented with age old traditions practiced in family lineage called goTR, and/or in each GNaati (tribes), and/or in 4 vARAN (classification of humankind as per division of knowledge base and labour provided by the knowledge base) an/or in a local area, and/or in a region and/or in a country.

All of the above knowledge is pure SCIENCE OF LIFE which veDik peoples and as a matter of fact the entire mankind  practice in their daily lives in each birth-death cycles and in all creation cycles... but this SCIENCE OF LIFE called veD is not learned and taught in a structured manner anymore anywhere in the present veDik time era called kli-yug which started about 5014 years ago at the end of mHaa-bhaart war which killed about 1.7 billion peoples on pruthvi-lok (domain of mortal living beings)....

SCIENCE OF LIFE called veD  used to be passed on from generations to generations by guru and parents to children ....but then this cycle of  guru-parent-children teaching has stopped in the present kli-yug...where the life objective of mankind is only to produce wealth for sustaining life...and with that focus there is no time to learn veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE.

However, the practical use of the veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE is continued through traditional lifestyle practices but without really knowing the true and scientific why, what and how of the lifestyle practices.

PVAF has been blessed by our creator bRHmH in the sense that there is so much veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE  knowledge being applied in all that happens and all that is being done at PVAF.....and we all pray that this will never stop.....

(This write up was provided by SRii chmpklaal daajibhaai misTRii who is the PVAF volunteer co-ordinating the compiling and spreading of veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE  knowledge through this  PVAF web site.)    

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