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Continuing the topic of science of aaDH`yaa`tmaa posted as Part 1 and 2 on this knowledge-based web site PVAF....Today in Part 3 of this serial, we continue learning the meaning of INTUITION = aNtAR-GNaan from the veDik library of SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii...

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The science of aaDH`yaa`tmaa states that when there is a disconnect between the real "I" = YOUR aat`maa (soul)  and the mis-perceived "I" which is YOUR BODY with a given name and form.....diseases show up in form of dysfunctions or malfunctions of YOUR body....The knowledge of current science does not even consider aat`maa = SOUL as an integral major component of the existence of "I"...but then from whatever belief system YOU have faith in YOUR CREATOR, there is always the belief in the ultimate power which creates everything called iss`vr = GOD = bhgvaan = ONE = bRH`m....veD states that the YOUR CREATOR is YOUR INSTRUCTOR in life when it comes to making decisions about things YOU do not know or understand or have never learned about....This instruction is called INTUITION = aNtAR-GNaan..

In Part 2 we learned about what the current science explains mankind about what INTUITION is.

The sNskrut equivalent of INTUITION = aNtAR-GNaan or shj-GNaan or shjjaav-boDH......

The meaning of  aNtAR-GNaan from veD is shared below:

  1. This compound sNskrut word consists of 2 words: aNtAR and GNaan.......

  2. aNtAR as prefix to GNaan means:

        -    GNaan that is internal,
        -    GNaan that comes from inside of oneself,
        -   GNaan that comes from within oneself,
        -    GNaan that resides in the interior of oneself,
        -    GNaan that fills one's interior,
        -    GNaan that is concealed within oneself,
        -    GNaan that is secret within oneself.....

  3. GNaan has the following meanings:

    1.    GNaan means knowing; understanding; becoming acquainted with; acquired proficiency;

    2.    GNaan means knowledge; learning

    3.    GNaan means chaeetn`y (consciousness); cognizance of the self as a creation and fellow creations and organs which empowers this cognizance through 5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo (organs of knowledge acquisition) which are:

                     1.    SRot (auditory or hearing system),
    2.    t`vk (tactile or touch system),
                    3.     chKSHu (optical or vision system),
                    4.     rsn (taste system) and
                    5.     gRAN (olfactory or smell system).

            The information from 5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo is then processed into knowledge by mns (mind) and evaluated for its quality, purpose and application by buDH`DHi.  This information in mns is also processed by one's aHNkaar and chaetn.

    4.   GNaan is derived from the DH`yaan, DHaarANaa and smaaDHi stages of aSHt-aNg yog which are deep meditations on creator bRH`m....such DH`yaan, DHaarANaa and smaaDHi  leads to realization of the truth of oneself as an aat`maa residing in various bodies and traveling eternally with new and different bodies with naam (name) and ruup (form) in sNsaar...sNsaar means cyclic birth-death phenomenon by which an aat`maa takes new bodies to partake the kARm-fl (fruits of one's kARm = all life actions) of previous lives in previous bodies. This realization empowers one to realize that what one calls oneself as "I" is not the physical body but an aat`maa residing in the physical body. This realization then empowers one to understand the relationship of one's aat`maa with one's creator bRH`m as described in the 3 mHaa-vaak`y:

            1.    tt tvm asi = YOU (as in aat'maa) ARE THAT (= bRH`m);
            2.    aHm bRH`msi = I AM bRH`m;
            3.    aHm aat`maa bRH`m = MY aat`maa IS bRH`m.  
            Furthermore, this realization in the form of GNaan also empowers one to realize that bRH`m is GNaan from the mHaa-vaaky:
                    pRGNaanM bRH`m = bRH`m IS pRGnaa....(pRGnaa means GNaan (knowledge) or chaeetn`y (consciousness)).

            The above is further extended in Devi puraaAN in the s`lok:
                pRGNaanM aat`maa = aat`maa IS pRGnaa... (pRGnaa means GNaan (knowledge) or chaeetn`y (consciousness)).

         GNaan  as defined above is veiled or hidden from one's aat`maa when an aat`maa takes a body created by pRkruti. This veiling is done by shk`ti (power) of bRH`m called mHaa-maayaa. The resulting state is termed as "aat`maa is veiled by aviD`yaa". This state of being in aviD`yaa makes an aat`maa forget the knowledge of the 3 mHaa-vaak`y noted above. 

    5. GNaan is referred to as all the knowledge contained in 4 veD. The knowledge contained in veD empowers creation, sustenance of created and cyclic re-creation of all the universes and everything in the universes.

  4. Thus  aNtAR-GNaan means the knowledge of one's aat`maa and one's creator bRH`m. Both aat'maa and bRH`m are omniscient meaning knowing all that has been known, is known and will be known in the creation we call universes. aNtAR-GNaan in essence frees the embodied aat`maa from aviDyaa.  This freedom gives one's aat`maa the state of being omniscient. Thus when one gets INTUITION one is freed from aviD`yaa or becomes omniscient and thus knows beyond the knowledge normally conveyed by the 5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo existing in one's physical body.   



(The sharing of the meanings of sNskrut equivalent of INTUITION will be continued in the next posting in the light of the science of aaDH`yaa`tmaa....This knowledge of this series is posted on the veD page on this web site for those who wish to study the entire proceeding on one page...)

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