Posted by Ashram News Reporter on September 11, 2003

Life is a repeated cycles of birth and death an aatmaa (SOUL) undergoes in its travels in the universes for manifesting creator bRH`m's wish... creator bRH`m manifests His wish in His infinite ruup (forms) and naam (names) in the universe we call creations and interactions between creations called kARm; all of which have eternal cycles of creations and recreations ...creator bRH`m's wish emanated from His feeling that He is lonely....

As an aatmaa travels from birth to birth taking on new bodies of human forms, relationship is formed between the previously created human forms and the new ones...these relationship lasts as per veD for 7 generations of human life.....This means a human being in current life is related to seven generations of his grandfathers called piTRuo...the woman once married is also in this piTRu relationship of her husband.....These piTRuo of seven generations are acknowledged, offered oblations and asked for blessings in ceremony called SRaaDH`DH in all important celebrations in veDik lifestyle in a current life of a man and a woman....As per veD, the kruSH`AN pKSH (dark half) of the 11th lunar month of a year called bhaaDrvo is dedicated for the performance of SRaaDH`DH ceremony for the entire fortnight....SRaaDH`DH is celebrated by the entire humankind on this planet earth in various manners of belief systems which gives the understanding of the relationship of creations and their ONE creator (see the article in News archive on this web site)....

Prajapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is blessed by creator bRH`m before and after its birth to continually to be able to carry out its primary mandate of empowering humanity to have the understanding of the relationship of creations and their ONE creator through veD = SCIENCES OF CREATIONS AND LIFE.....And this year the veD Page on this PVAF web site has been expanded by PVAF webmaster SRii Bhavin Champaklal Mistry to have the knowledge of SRaaDH`DH compiled by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii under one group title "  Rites and Rituals: Vedik prescription to keep the mutually beneficial interrelation of gods and humans going"....please click on this highlite to reach the veD page or try the top menu bar...

The articles compiled to date for your learning and practice of SRaaDH`DH are:

  • SRaaDH`DH: For woman
  • SRaaDH`DH: When to offer
  • SRaaDH`DH: mHimaa = Glory, majesty, might and power of worshipping piTRuo
  • SRaaDH`DH: Five types
  • SRaaDH`DH: Offering for Unexpected Prosperity
  • SRaaDH`DH: Offering for a new born son
  • SRaaDH`DH: The sacredness of water offering to piTRuo
  • SRaaDH`DH: Offering ritual after cremation of a deceased
  • SRaaDH`DH: Protocol and process for offering SRaaDH`DH
  • SRaaDH`DH: Names of the 15 days in bhaadrvo maas
  • SRaaDH`DH: Genesis of acknowledging one's aa`tmaa's (soul) gratitude to its connection to Creation

SRii chmpklaal informs us that all of the knowledge on SRaaDH`DH   in the above compilations is from veD texts meaning the knowledge is not from humans but from the direct revelation by grandfather pRjaapti bRHmaa to rushio and munio who are his mind-born sons.....more knowledge on SRaaDH`DH is being complied for posting.....

Please study and maintain YOUR creator-creation relationship starting with your parents who are alive to the seventh grandfather in your lineage....simply for ensuring prosperity and happiness in YOUR FUTURE LIVES.......


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