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"Optimism assumes, or attempts to prove,
 that the universe exists to please us,
 pessimism assumes that
the universe exists to displease us.

 Scientifically, there is no evidence
 that the universe is concerned with us
 either one way or the other.

 The belief in either pessimism or optimism
 is a matter of temperament, not of reason."

 -- Bertrand Russell


The above thought is from Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) who was a British philosopher, mathematician, and Nobel laureate, whose emphasis on logical analysis influenced the course of 20th-century philosophy. This quote shows the current science has a long way to go to understand the relationship between humankind and the universe in which humankind resides in and gets its nourishment and desires fulfilled....

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But in veD = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE, explains the relationship between mankind and the universe by answering the question:


For example in veDik text called vashiSH`TH's yog, vshiSH`TH-muni explains the full intents and purposes of having mankind and all other creations in the universe....and as veD states in CHNDyog upniSHD, creator bRH`m created all the infinite universes and everything in them because He felt lonely and wanted to be many..... (The above submitted by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for posting)

PVAF is continually posting a lot of knowledge related to the above thought of Bertrand Russell as the compilation from the veD texts is available...but YOUR sharing of YOUR own veD knowledge on this web site will help the compilations...please click on the POST A COMMENT in the header of this posting and write away YOUR thoughts on the above thought of Bertrand Russell and what the knowledge in veD = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE has already available to mankind.....

vshiSH`TH-muni   is one of spt-RUshi (seven sages) mind-born of pRjaapti bRH`maa who created the sub-creators in our universe and also look after maintaining the welfare of the created and the universe we live in.....  vshiSH`TH-muni, married to aruANdhaati, has set an example of an eternal married couple who is regarded by veD as the foremost gruHs`TH (man who has set up family life by marrying) in our universe....eternal married couple here means the couple will have a life as long as the universe lasts which is 4.32 billion years in this kl`p (epoch or time span equal to one day or night of pRjaapti bRH`maa's life span )...at the end of kl`p the created universe dissolves back into pRjaapti bRH`maa and is cyclically re-created through out the life of pRjaapti bRH`maa.....the life span of  pRjaapti bRH`maa is equal to some 311 trillion years.......  

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