Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 13, 2001

The Gujarat Government has announced the following plan with 4 packages to reconstruct and rehabilitate the quake affected areas with "PEOPLES POWER":

TOTAL 229 VILLAGES TO BE RECONSTRUCTED: in district of Kutch 172, RAjkot district 25, Jamnagar district 19, and Surendranagar district 13. Most of these villages have asked for a new village site.

30 MILLION RUPPES PER NEW VILLAGE SITE: each village with a population of 1000 within 200 families. All new village sites will be quake and cyclone resistant.

URBAN AREA RECONSTRUCTION: Assistance of up to Rs 175,000 for 500 sq. ft house. Soft loan of up to Rs 300,000 in Ahmedabad and other municipalites.

90 PERCENT GRANT PER HOUSE: for houses upto 50 sq. m. 10 percent loan will be amortized for repayement to suit capacity of the house owners.

PEOPLES POWER TO PARNTER WITH GOVERNMENT: 138 non-government social volunteers agencies have come forward to help in reconstruction. Some of them will adopt an entire village for reconstruction bearing 50-50 cost partnership with the government.

BHUJ, ANJAR, BACHAU & RAPAR WAITING: no reconstruction packages have been announced for thse towns which were the worst hit. The waiting is due to the consultations in progress with the local people.

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