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Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram Help to Helpless Widow Women "NIRADHAR VRUDHDHA SAHAY"

Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram

                                                    Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram

Help to Helpless Widow Women



Every year Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram - Bilimora help to poor, widow women of samajo before Deepawali. The help given to women, her men either be death by some dieases, accident or their children are not with them. As a part of this programme on 18th Octomber 2003 SPVA - Bilimora help to 21 women. This old Vrudhdha is from  Valsad & Navsari District. The main aim of distribution before Deepawali is that they will also made Deeva, (Deep Jalve) and by booing some food grains & clothes. Every year some and some donor came to us & help them. This year we received a donation from





The help given to


1.  Maniben M. Mistry                              Desra, Bilimora                      1000/-

2.  Ushaben Babubhai Mistry                    Bigri                                       1000/-

3.  Somiben Kunvarji Mistry                     Desra, Bilimora                       1000/-

4.  Maniben Nagarji Mistry                       Nadod Bigri                            1000/-

5.  Diwaliben Ghelabhai Mistry                  Desra                                     1000/-

6.  Nandiben Gulabbhai Mistry                  Nadod                                   1000/-

7.  Ichhaben Gulabbhai Mistry                   Chikhli                                    500/-

8.  Kamuben Ramanbhai Lad                    Sadakpor                             1000/-

9.  Dahyiben Bhagubhai Mistry                  Undach                                 500/-

10. Shantaben Haribhai Mistry                   Nadod                               1000/-

11. Shantaben Bhikhubhai Mistry               Dhamdachi                        1000/-

12. Maniben Bhikhubhai Mistry                  Bilimora                            1000/-

13. Ramiben Dahyabhai Mistry                   Delvada-Maroli                1000/-

14. Revaben Nathubhai Lad                       Nandarkha-Chikhli           1000/-

15. Ambaben Shantilal Mistry                     Bigri                                1000/-

16. Deviben Haribhai Mistry                       Amalsad                         1000/-

17.Bhanuben Nanubhai Mistry                    Gadat                              500/-

18. Maniben M. Mistry                               Bigri                               500/-

19. Ambaben Dahyabhai Mistry                  Bigri                              500/-

20. Dhaniben Nathubhai Mistry                   Kasba Par                      500/-

21. Ramilaben Bhagubhai Mistry                 Bigri                              500/-



Who wish to donate for samajo baheno, please send your donation to


Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram

Mahadev Nagar, Bilimora.


We accept Demand Draft, Check & Cash money.



Dr. Kamlesh D. Prajapati

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#1 Posted by Dr.KAMLESH PRAJAPATI on 10/22/2003
Thanks Dr. Chiman Lad, California, USA for donating $250 for NIRADHAR VRUDHHA SAHAY.
Dr. KAmlesh Prajapati
Secretary ,


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