Posted by Ashram News Reporter on February 13, 2001

Yesterday Shree Chandrakantbhai Dahyabhai Lad of Calgary, Canada completed a very successfull 20-day tour of Gujarat Internet Program centres. Chandrakantbhai is the initiater and program leader of Gujarat Internet Program hosted by Prajapati Vishva Ashram.

During his Gujarat tour, Chandrakantbhai visited all the 7 existing and new samajo who have received a total of 21 computer donations for making internet connections with all the Prajaptio in the world. The computers are also used for computer training of Prajapati students at the Prajapati Vidyarthi Ashram at these centres.

The highlights of the Gujarat tour of Chandrakantbhai are as follows:

ESTABLISHED A FEDERATION OF PRAJAPATI SAMAJO: for all Prajapati samajo participating in Gujarat Internet Program hosted by Prajapati Vishva Ashram under the volunteer leadership of Chandrakantbhai. Through 2 meetings a constitution for the federation has been developed and will be finalized soon. The federation will standardize the internet usage, enable exchange of computers and computer technology between centres on need basis and also the teaching of computer technology at the Prajapati centres. The federation has a Steering Committee headed by Shree Kamleshbhai Dineshchandra Prajapati from Bilimora. Kamleshbhai has a Ph.d in physical chemistry and is a lecturer in chemistry at V. S. Patel College of Arts and Sciences in Bilimora.

ESTABLISHED AN OFFICE FOR PRAJAPATI VISHVA ASHRAM IN BILLIMORA: This office in Bilimora will be run by Shree Kamleshbhai Dineshchandra Prajapati with the help of all the Prajapatio in Gujarat. Kamleshbhai will be the in-between contact for Prajapati Vishva Ashram and all the Prajapatio in Gujarat.

A COMPLETE REPORT: of the Gujarat tour of Chandrakantbhai with photos will be posted on this web site soon.

THANKS AND APPRECIATION TO ALL DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS FROM GUJARAT PRAJAPATIO: Chandrakantbhai wishes to convey the thanks and appreciation he received from all the Prajapatio he met on his tour for all the donors of the Gujarat Internet Program and Gujarat University Scholarship Program and all the volunteers of Prajapati Vishva Ashram.

PERSONAL THANKS AND APPRECIATION FROM CHANDRAKANTBHAI TO DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS OF PRAJAPATI VISHVA ASHRAM: Chandrakantbhai wishes to convey his personal thanks to all the donors and volunteers who have helped him in fund-raising and web site promotion of the Gujarat Internet Program for the last two years. He sends his prayers that with the continuing blessing of Bhagvan all these donors and volunteers will continue their dharmic samaj seva and others will pitch in to supply internet computers to all Prajapati samajo in Gujarat in the next two years or so...... OM SHANTI SHANTI... OM TAT SAT......

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