Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on October 25, 2003

Prajapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) on the eve of new year vikRm svNt 2060 has the following knowledge in the form of greetings and wishes to share with the rest of the humanity rather than the traditional greetings and wishes for prosperity and happiness in the new year. This sharing is in the belief that knowledge of veD = SCIENCES OF CREATIONS AND LIFE will give each one of us the prosperity and happiness we are searching for:

vshiSH`TH-muni once asked shivji:

"bhgvaan, I pray to you to enlighten me about the method of worshipping pRbhu (the creator and sustainer of the universe) and who destroys all paap (sins) and promotes kl`yaan (welfare, well-being, prosperity and progress)"

shivji replied:

"Do you know who pRbhu is?
pRbhu is not vishnu, or me shiv or bRHmaa;
pRbhu is not vaayu
(deity presiding over the power of wind)
pRbhu is not suARy
(deity presiding over the power of sun)
(deity presiding over the power of moon);
pRbhu is not bRaaHmAN
(creation with knowledge of veD and who practices and experiences veD in daily living)
pRbhu is not a raajaa
(a king who has been ordained by creator to be a king with veD knowledge and who lives by the rules of DHARm);
pRbhu is not I or you;
pRbhu is not lKSHmi
(deity who presides over the prosperity of creations);
pRbhu is not mns
(the mental faculty which processes information gathered by senses in a creation and empowers the creation to evaluate what is right and wrong and based on the evaluation impel the body of the creation to perform kARm);
pRbhu is without form and undivided;
pRbhu is the daevnM
which is not made
 which has neither beginning or end
 which is known as
 which is pure
(daevnM means beauty, splendor and lustre of the creator which creates desire to excel or play or gamble or praise or move or lament or grieve...) chaeetn`y is the shk`ti of pRbhu in which all manifestations in the form of creation exists and which provides the power for each creation to perform its designated voluntary and involuntary kARm in the form of manifestation of the wish of pRbhu to be many and not to be alone.)

THAT (pRbhu) alone is to be worshipped
THAT (pRbhu) alone is all"

The above is from vshiSH`TH yog (6.1.29) which is the sharing of veD knowledge by vshiSH`TH-muni with SRii raam when SRii raam was about 14 years old. vsiSH`TH-muni tells SRii raam that this veD knowledge he is sharing with SRii raam and others was transmitted to him by his father bRHmaa, who is the creator of each universe and everything in each universe. The above text from original sNskrut text translated into English by Swami Venkateshananda. The translated text has been expanded with supplementary text to facilitate expansion of understanding without corrupting the original meaning. A glossary of sNskrut words, which are in italics, is also included in bracket for empowering the full understanding of the sNskrut words in the original veD knowledge.....

In the days to come the above reply from shivji will be continued in TODAY'S VED LESSON page on this PVAF web site to empower YOU to achieve the prosperity and happiness YOU are seeking in YOUR life....Please visit the TODAY'S VED LESSON regularly....

om tt shaanti shaanti shaanti.....

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#1 Posted by rajusingh on 11/18/2003
plese send me more detale for astro..


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