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On November 08, 2003 PVAF published the news about the discovery of a solar temple built by AZTEC CIVILIZATION which existed in Americas before the discovery of Americas about 500 years ago by Europeans. This Aztec along with its sister civilization called Mayan disappeared upon the arrival of the Europeans in Americas.....

What signs remains of these civilizations in forms of ruins of their habitation indicates that these were very highly evolved civilization using sciences such as astronomy, medicine, agriculture, architecture, engineering, etc based on mathematics in their daily lives from worship to celebrations to producing life needs and wealth...

This information is similar to what is described in veDik texts such as raamaayAN, mHaabhaart, puraaANo, vshiSH`TH yog...  Here is an extract from the web site LORDS OF THE EARTH  of the page entitled "The Radish Part 1: (Please click on the preceding blue hilite to visit the page and understand the extract below with drawings)

"Two Vedic versions of triangulation of the constellations (on the left side) vs the Vedic/Ptolemy version (on the right side) is similar and just as ancient. Nevertheless, the Modern vs. Ptolemy version below is almost an exact duplicate of the Nasca Lines layout. "

Please click on the next line to continue reading this extract and additional information on the subject matter to understand that the knowledge  contained in veD texts is the TRUE KNOWLEDGE....

"The Nasca Lines with numbered locations for the figures in the desert Astrology and astronomy uses mathematics. The mathematical triangle on its side has a similar appearance to the robes of the Inca rulers. Since all records of the Inca were destroyed during the Conquest, is it possible that the robes are a clue to the number system used by the Inca?

It should be noted that Deneb of Cygnus, part of the constellation called the Northern Cross, connects to the Summer Triangle together with Vega of Lyra. (The Peruvian Llama and its young) and Altair of Aquila. The center area of this group contained many red and orange star clusters, was once called the Red Region of Cygnus. In the Aztec poem, The Birth of the Fifth Sun,the Red Region was referred to as the "Oven of the Gods." The same Summer constellation of the Northern climes, lying on its side, is seen in the Winter time in Peru. "

PVAF will run a serial on the Inca-Aztec-Mayan civilizations to illustrate that our present sciences which are evolving daily with some new discovery are nothing new in the history of creation and life...the knowledge of the sciences has been around from the first day of every creation cycle....and is for the benefit of entire mankind and not for commercializatin that is happening with the current sciences...

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