Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 14, 2001

OH QUAKE: WHY MOVE TO KERALA WHEN YOU HAD ENOUGH IN GUJARAT: A 5.0 intensity quake rocked Kerala and part of adjacent Tamil Naidu located at the south-east corner of India. This quake on February 12th at 6.54 am local time only caused only cracks in some buildings and made some people fall out of their beds but panicked the general population who remembers Gujarat quake. Kerala experienced similar quakes in 1994, 1989 and 1988.

OH QUAKE:NO CRICKET ON TV: Quake suffers in the areas totaled by the quake are facing a serious trauma: they would not be able to watch the 51 day tour of India by Australia which inlcudes 3 tests and 5 one day matches. Cricket is a major national sports in India and India is a major cricket power in the world.

OH QUAKE: POLITICS IS FEEDING ON YOU: Two major political parties in India, the ruling BJP and the grand old Congress, are using the quake suffering to gain political points. Where is the dharma of each party. In present day politics Dharma has no place. One would think that at the time of such a calamity dharma would prevail over dirty politics.... but then this is Kali-yuga..PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER THE POLITICS......

OH QUAKE: YOU HAVE MADE ROBBERS OUT OF OUR STARVATION: over 50,000 people from Dahod and Panchmahal districts whose livelihood is construction industry in Ahmedabad and Surat districts are reported to have resorted to robbery to survive as all the construction work has come to a standstill with January 26th quake. However, this sad turn in life should be over soon with some 350,000 jobs expected to be created in reconstruction plans for the next seven months.

OH QUAKE: THANK YOU: YOU ARE MAKING US MUSLIMS REVERT BACK TO FAITH: Muslims leaders in Surat and south Gujarat have requested their followers for frequent congregations to spread world against "evil" and to focus on stopping evil acts such as liquor consumption, adultery, immoraltiy and obscenity. The muslim leaders say destroying TV as done last week is not enough to stop the anger of God coming in thier lives as quake.

OH QUAKE: PLEASE STOP QUAKING: 6 more aftershocks were registered on February 13th evening and night measuring between 3.0 and 3.6. This brings the total to 314 aftershocks measuring more than 3.0 since January 26th big one.

OH QUAKE: GOOD YOU HAVE EXPOSED CORRUPT BUILDERS: Now the Central government, in addtional to the local governments in Gujarat, has also ordered an investigation of the design and construction industry in Gujarat which could produce charges of culpable homicide and or criminal conspirarcy.

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