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From Hinduism Today: CHENNAI, INDIA, November 6, 2003:

 "Sri Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is organizing an International Conference on Mahabharatha from December 24 to 28, 2003, at Chennai, Tamilnadu , South India.

The conference will focus attention on contribution of Mahabharata and Puranas to art, thought and literature in Asian and South East Asian Countries.

The focus would be on their spread and contribution to religious edifices, philosophy, art, music and dance in India, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Central Asia."

mHaabhaart is the veDik text which explains in story form how humankind should live by the rules and regulations of the sciences of veD, shaas`TR and DHARm to attain true happiness in life without any addictions and stresses of present day life..... For more information on this historic conference please visit the web site of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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#1 Posted by Vasant Mistry on 11/10/2003
Exllent.Carry on doing good work.We as hindu should be proud of our culture.I wish and pray Almighty Lord grant us right understanding,pure intellect and right conduct.
God bless all the corage,fearless to overcome vices.

#2 Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on 11/11/2003
pRANaam Vasantbhai:

As a volunteer at PVAF and on bhalf of all volunteers at PVAF our prayers to bhgvaan for His blessings for you for your very englightening comment you have shared with the entire humanity.....

mHaabhaart is not a story but a book of pure life knolwedge which teaches humanity what you have said as "right understanding, pure intellect and right conduct" and those teachings gives humans as you call it "courage, fearlessness to overcome vices".

Please tell us more about how mHaabhaart can not only help "Hindus" to be proud of their culture but can help the entire humanity to be proud of their humanity.....

You can share your knolwledge as noted above by posting here or on the PVAF MESSAGE BOARD on the "veD stsNg" FORUM......

Again may bhgvaan bless you for your comment....


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