Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 16, 2001

AHMEDABAD SHOOK 14 TIMES AGAIN: A 4.8 intesity quake shook Ahmedabad on Thursday, February 15th afternoon at 3.35 pm causing major panick simply because some astrologers had predicted a major tremor for that day. During the whole day 14 tremors were felt and most of the tremors were ignored by people.

RS 3000 CRORE WORTH OF GOLD AND SILVER MISSING IN QUAKE AREAS: It is suspected that about 3000 crore rupees (300 billion rupees) worth of gold and silver jewelery and raw material stocks have disappered from the jewellery shops since January 26th quake. One of the reasons is that the workers in majority of shops have gone to take care of their kins in rural places from which they had migrated to the urban centres.

RS 260 CRORE INSUARANCE CLAIM OF QUAKE DAMAGE: 18,853 quake insurance claims have been registered against the four major inusurance companies for a total of 26 billion rupees. 1344 claims have already been settled for about 2.2 billion rupees.

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