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From times immemorial multiple spouses in a marriage have been common in all cultures and societies on this planet earth....and now in the last 100 years or so MONOGAMY = ONE SPOUSE ONLY is being enforced through governments in all societies to a degree tolerated by the peoples of the society.....

On November 25, 2003, Amar Verma, 27, married sisters Ragni, 18, and disabled Preeti, 21, at the same venue in Luck now, Uttar Pradesh, India, with the consent of both sets of parents....PVAF would like YOU to share your thoughts - "for and against" - on this social phenomenon of multiple spouses in the present day....just click on the POST A COMMENT button in the title of this news item and write away...

And to know more details of the Amar-Ragni-Preeti marriage please click on the next line.....


Indian groom to marry two sisters at same time
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An Indian man has agreed to marry his bride's elder sister in a double wedding ceremony next month.

Amar Verma says it's an act of humanity to ensure the older woman, who is in a wheelchair, is taken care of.

The Asian Age newspaper reports from northern Uttar Pradesh state that the sisters and their are happy with the arrangement.

But the groom's family are worried he may not be able to support two wives on his 2,500 rupee (32.50) per month salary as a courier.

Verma is quoted as saying: "When my father sent a marriage proposal for Ragini, her father put forward a precondition. He said he would agree to my marrying Ragini only if I also agreed to marry her elder sister Preeti, who happens to be physically challenged."

He says he had spoken to Preeti, 21, and Ragini, 18, and has "developed a liking for both." It is legal in India for Muslim men to have more than one wife, but not for Hindus, as the Vermas are.

Lawyers have reportedly said the November 25 marriage will probably not be challenged, as there is no aggrieved party and it would be difficult to prove which was the second marriage, since both women are being married at the same time.

The groom's father, Ram Swarup Verma, said, "We viewed the situation from a humanitarian point of view. Preeti is confined to a wheelchair and it would be difficult for her to fend for herself alone."

He added that Ragini also may have no adjustment problems if she gets to keep her sister with her when she moves from rural Jalaun to her in-laws' home in Lucknow, the state capital.

"We are sisters and we will remain sisters all our lives, even after the wedding," The Asian Age quoted Ragini as saying. Preeti reportedly said, "I never imagined that I could ever get married, but he has made my dream come true."

Associated Press :Story filed: 09:10 Thursday 30th October 2003


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