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When asked, why one chose to live as a saadhu: the answer is:

 "because it was in my pRrb`DH kARm-fl"

pRrb`DH kARm-fl or fruits or results of kARm and regarded as bhaag`y or destiny or future.  pRrb`DH = kARm-fl  are a result of kARm or actions in all of the past lives of an embodied aatmaa (soul).   pRrb`DH kARm-fl has to be experienced by each and every creation in all universes at the time and place and the situation it is ordained to be experienced by niyti. niyti means the master plan of the creator of the universe for the creation, sustenance and cyclic re-creation and is also known as bhaag`y or destiny or future .

A saadhu is a person who has forsaken all the sNsaarik (worldly) daily activities and devotes his/her life in search of knowledge of the TRUTH OF ONE'S CREATOR AND THIS CREATION.....the knowledge explained in the study of veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION....(the above GNaan = knowledge of creator and creation was compiled by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai miisTRii of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as part of veD study at PVAF) 

To find out about making of a saaDHu and the life of a saaDHu from a saaDHu's point of view please click on the next line to read a research report by Dr. Ravi Kapur, a psychiatrist.....


HINDUISM TODAY: DELHI, INDIA, December 5, 2003: BY Rajiv Malik

Dr. Ravi Kapur, a psychiatrist, trained in India and UK, is currently the JRD Tata Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. He has been the Deputy Director of the same institute and before that the Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry at the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences. He is Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Indian National Academy of Sciences and the Indian National Academy of Medical Sciences. Dr. Ravi Kapur delivered a public lecture entitled-

"The making of a Sadhu:
An enquiry into higher states of mental health,"

jointly organized by National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies and India International Centre under the series-DIMENSIONS of SCIENCE, on the evening of December 1, 2003. The conference hall was packed with intellectuals, researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, media persons, former bureaucrats and diplomats,

Dr. Kapur said that some of the sadhus wanted to be on their own and did not want to be disturbed by the people. Someone close to one such sadhu said that he was not mentally disturbed but did not want to interact with the world. This person also gave the instance of Saint Totapuri, the guru of Ramakrishna Paramhans, who used to throw dirt in the face of the people as he did not want them to come to him.

In his twenty years of research, Dr. Kapur has interviewed sadhus of all categories. On the one hand he has interviewed sadhus who are globe trotters and on the other hand he has interacted with the down to earth ones and the ones undergoing penance on the roads and in the caves of Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri areas of Uttaranchal Region.

Out of around 100 sadhus interviewed by him, he spent with them two to four hours to a few days and also a few weeks, on a case to case basis.

Commenting on his relationship and experiences with the various sadhus, Dr. Kapur said, "I would like to share with you that almost all the sadhus were extremely co-operative and were very generous in extending hospitality to me. Not even one of them asked me for money, though I myself offered dakshina to many of them."

Giving some interesting details of the sadhus interviewed by him, he said,

  •  "Out of the 100 hundred sadhus interviewed by me in the past twenty years, it would be around 40 of them that I had a detailed interaction.
  •  Out of these 40, 12 had become sadhus due to some problems faced by them in their social and married lives.
  • As becoming a sadhu solves their problems of food and shelter, this life had an appeal for many people.
  • But these 12 people still carried the baggage of their past lives with them and kept cribbing and complaining about their past.
  • The rest of the 28 sadhus I interviewed had no reason to escape their home and material world.
    • They had opted for becoming a sadhu out of free will and had been attracted to the life as a sadhu since their childhood days.
    • They were absolutely normal people and showed no signs of any psychological problems or illness.
    • Many of these had abandoned their successful careers and social lives,
    • They were happy people and had a good social network to support them as normal human beings.
  •  When asked, they said that they had chosen to live as a sadhu: The answer:
    •  because it was in their prarabdha karma (destiny as a result of actions in a past life) and
    •  there was no way to scientifically deal with this phenomenon.
    • However most of these 28 people had a religious bent of mind since their childhood."
  • Many of the sadhus:
    •  survived on a meagre diet of cereals and fruits.
    • were mostly not bothered as to wherefrom their next meal is going to come. When asked this question to one of them, he told me- 'I challenge God not to give me food.'
    • were total availability to the service of needy and sick,
    • had cheerful temperament and high level of energy,
    • They pursued their goal -- moksha with boundless energy.
  • In India the young people are told since childhood that they should not waste their semen or tejas which is very precious. "When I asked the sadhus, how they fulfill their desire for sex, most of them told me that when they are immersed in meditation and bhakti, the joy and ecstasy they experience gives them much more satisfaction than they would get from any sexual indulgence. In fact sex was nothing as compared to the ecstasy they experienced when they were in communion with the God. To describe this feeling of ecstasy, they said that they felt a flow of energy rushing from the back of their spine to the top of their head."
  • A Sadhu who lived at a height of 15,000 feet without wearing much clothes, said:  "When I asked him how he coped with the loneliness at such a height, his answer was, "I have ladoos [sweets] in both my hands. When someone comes here, I feed him and feel absolutely blissful. And when there is nobody here for six months, I am in total communion with God and am again completely blissful. So both my hands are full of ladoos."
  • Almost all the sadhus I met, I asked if they possessed any special powers. One of the sadhus to who I addressed this question responded by saying- 'Yes I have special powers. I can make very good rasam (a spicy soup),' "

During this two hour meeting, people listened to Dr. Kapur's lecture with rapt attention. An interesting question answer session also followed after the lecture was delivered.

There are 3 additional comments.

#1 Posted by Paul Beauregard on 12/9/2003
I understand what the sadhus seek. Although I am on the other side of the globe why is it that I understand the essence of Life. The Aboriginal People, my people had this understanding. Mother Earth provided their need and they lived in harmony with all creation. In modern day there are some who seek the essence of life though they may be amongst the tangled they are not affected. We have learned to look within.

#2 Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on 12/11/2003
Paul, welcome to PVAF where all that happens is enlightenment of those humans who venture in this PVAF domain through the activation of the KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH which is inherent in all creations.

Aboriginal peoples of the world can see the TRUTH of the laws of nature because they live harmoniously with mother earth and all forces of nature and all that exists on mother earth….

The so called industrialized peoples of the world have forgotten the natural sciences and natural laws of this existence and thus are always looking to find them when it is encoded right in their genes….

This is what people who call themselves saadhu in India are trying to show their fellow humans: THAT THEY ARE LOST BECAUSE OF THEIR SEARCH OF WEALTH, WEATLH AND WEALTH….and this search of wealth corrupts the TRUE KNOWELDGE and everything that this selfishly created wealth touches….

Please kindly elaborate and share with us your understanding of “ESSENCE OF LIFE” which saadhu have grasped although living in the midst of all those who do not get it……

#3 Posted by Lord LabagkDaas on 12/16/2003
Living harmoniously with Nature is nothing more than existentialism. 9 out of 10 Sadhus are after paranormal orgasm.


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