Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 20, 2001

This has been posted as received from Hansaben of Shree Prajapati Association (UK:

"The Funeral Arrangements are as follows for our Honorary Secretary "Shri Chhaganbhai Manilal Mistry" who passed away on Thursday February 15, 2001 at an age of 59 years.

- Last respects can be paid at their home (101 Kincaple Road, Leicester) between 09.30 to 10.30am on Thursday February 22, 2001.

- The service at the crematorium will commence at 11.00am at Gilrow Cemetery on Groby Road, Leicester.

- Please note there is no arranged transport, you are requested to make you own way to the crematorium.

- Branches are advised not to send any flowers at the request of the Family. Head Quarter has made arrangements for the flowers on behalf of the 13 branches.

- The request is to make a donation rather than flowers to the HQ Treasurer, Pravinbhai G Mistry, Birmingham. Once all donations are received the HQ will forward the collection to the family of Chhaganbhai. This request should be relayed to all individuals who are representing the Samaj.

- There is a dress code for men only - which should be White Shirt, Black Trousers and the Samaj Tie.

- Arrangements are in hand to hold a Shanti-Path in memory of Shri Chhaganbhai M Mistry - Details to follow.

- Letters have been mailed this evening to all Presidents, please ensure that you inform the relevant people attending. Also there was an error with the time for the service at the Crematorium (it is 11.00am not 11.30am)."


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#1 Posted by Durgesh Prajapati on 8/5/2006
Mr. panchuram Prajapati Whoes head of rajasthan turism department at 23 june 2006. comment by Durgesh prajapati


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