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The scientific evidence:

From by Sara Altshul

Why doing nothing can be good for you  called MEDIATION--the daily practice of closing your eyes, following your breath, and simply observing each flitting thought--is already proven to reduce stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and even psoriasis. Now, meditation gurus Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Richard J. Davidson, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin, have found that the restorative art of doing nada also improves immunity.

When they gave flu vaccines to 25 regular meditators and 16 non-meditators, they found that meditators produced more antibodies--a key indicator of a more robust immune system. Why? Researchers say it increased left-brain activity, linked to immune function.

The study looked at mindfulness-based stress reduction, a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-learn technique now taught at many local hospitals and adult-education programs.

The above article is posted as part of learning veD = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE.....The article was brought to the attention of PVAF by SRii Kumar Malde of Montreal, Quebec, Ontario, Canada as part his effort on sharing with his fellow humans the practice.....please click on the next line to read a very inspiring message from SRii Kumar Malde and SRii Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.... 


From: Malde kumar
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 8:53 PM
Subject: Re: Meditation is for real.

Dear Friends,

I know I may be beginning to sound like a broken record that plays over and over again.

This e-mail is being sent to those for whom I deeply care for and whose progress is in my heart and mind. Everyday the scientific evidence is mounting that Meditation is very very effective. See the article in the main news story above.

I know that for some of you a word from a friend or a dear one is not often convincing enough. When I have invited you, you have been very polite in informing me that you are not yet ready for meditation. But I would like to once again beg to you - How do you know that you are not ready if you have not tried it?.

I do not want my own experience to be sufficient to convince you, but please do start and try it and see for yourself what it will do to you. I was fortunate that I got the awakening about meditation from my Guru after more than 5 decades of my life had passed. This late awakening came because I was not READY before and I did not know better and had no experience.

 All I am asking is just try it - There is nothing to loose. Experiment and experience it for yourself and please do not wait.

Kumar Malde
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


From: Champak D. Mistry
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 4:26 PM
To: 'kumar malde
Subject: FW: Meditation Brings well-being, welfare and prosperity.....

pRANaam kumarji:

May bhgvaan bless you not only for your SRDH`DHaa in yog but for doing two of the panch (5) mHaa-yGN every one of us should be doing every day - bRHmaa-yGN whereby you are passing on the GNaan or knowledge you have about yog and bhut-yGN whereby you are caring for the welfare of your fellow beings by talking about how yog can help anybody in persevering and enhancing well-being, welfare and prosperity....

You will feel happy to know that at Alberta Gujaraat Association in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada yog classes have been started and is slowing gathering strength every Sunday afternoon session for the last 6 weeks or so. The first group has taken on to study bhaagvt puraaAN to understand oneself and other creations which is the first step to ultimate yog of whatever kind one is looking for....

On behalf of the first group of yogio at Edmonton, I convey our group pRANaam to you for being the facilitator of this happening at AGA Edmonton....and we pray that with your blessing a lot of us will benefit....

nmskaar kumarji....

Champak Dajibhai Mistry
Member, Long Term Program Planning & Implementation Committee,
Alberta Gujarati Association
3103 89 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6K 2Z1
Phone: 780-462-8794, Fax: 780-462-0213


For daily updates on gujaraati community affairs in Edmonton &
Other Links to Gujaraati Lifestyle and the World From AGA

There are 2 additional comments.

#1 Posted by a on 1/21/2004
Brahmavidya Gayatri
In this world every human being wishes to obtain happiness and to remove sorrows. God, Demon Man, Yaksha, Gandharva - Kinnar, Ghost Witch, Ant to Butterfly, Animals and Birds all have the same desire and they work only for that purpose. They take different ways for achieving the happiness permanently. And one day he embraces the death along with his desires.

Actually he does not know the proper means through which he can get happiness and remove sorrows completely forever. Because his intellect works under the pressure of worldly enjoyments. Only getting the knowledge of Vedas one can take proper decision. There are descriptions of various worships in Vedas. However the Sadhana of Gayatri is considered as the only way for removing the sorrows, for Brahmins, Brahmin, by doing the Sadhana of Gayatri, becomes able to do the permanent welfare of four - castes. Gayatri Mantra affects mentally and creates good faith.

Gayatri is the substance of all Vedas.

All the phrases and letters of Gayatri Mantra are important. It is recited with Pranav the three words.

"Omkar" Pranav - The other name of Pranav is Ohm " " As per its meaning the name of Supreme Lord, the protector of all is ohm. All the Vedas describe the importance of Ohm.

The recitation of Ohm is described as the Gayatri Chhanda.

In Gayatri Mantra there are three words " " Once Prajapati started penance. As a result he saw Agni in Earth, air in sky and Aditya in Svarga. Again he saw Rigved in Fire, Yajurved in Air and Aditya in Samved. Again he started penance and saw " " in Rigved, " " in Yajurved and " " in Samved. These three words are the substance of the world and Vedas. The meaning of " " is Sat (truth), " " means mind and " " means delight.

Now there are other four words - "Mah" " " is the name of greater " " is the name of the cause of all " " is the name of luminous. Seventh word " " signifies the common benefits of all.

Position of Gayatri Mantra

" " means earth. It is the foundation chakra in Sadhana. There is Srishti Tantra in the lower strata of Jagat Mata " " means sky. It is a pure chakra in the path of Sadhana. In the midst part of Maha Shakti, the great power, i.e. the breast, Vaishnavi or action power - protection and creation element exists. " " is a heavenly element of the world of Gods. In the above part of Aadhya Shakti or Gauri / knowledge power is the destruction element. This is the form and place of Gayatri, the "Vedamata". This Gayatri Mantra is found in Rigved, Yajurved and Samved. The complete Gayatri Upnishad is in Atharva Veda.
" " In Devi Bhagavat Gayatri is called the origin power of Lord Vishnu.
" "

It is said in Chhandogyopanishad that all movable and immovable objects are the result of outward power of Gayatri while Aitareya Brahman explains Gayatri as "Brahma" manifestly.

Supremacy of Gayatri - Jap.

Manu has said that among all the japas , Gayatri is the supreme. There is no other jap higher than Gayatri. It is also said that a person who repeats a verse of Gayatri, can not be frightened by any threats. He does not frightened by King, Demon, Rakshas, Fire, Water, Air or Serpent. The recitation of Gayatri Mantra gives worldly and heavenly benefits immediately.
Manu has said that a person who repeats a verse of Gayatri constantly for three years will became "Brahma" himself.
The house where Gayatri is recited, Fire never ablaze the house and children never embrace the death.
It is said in Mahabharat that the person reciting Gayatri does not benefits himself only, but also establishes peace among all the castes and Ashramas.
Thus it becomes clear that the recitation of Gayatri Mantra along with the emancipation grants worldly enjoyments also.

Knowledge of Mantra is necessary.

Only reciting Mantra, without knowing its meaning does not give benefits. There are different meant given by different thinkers. There are two meanings of Mantra i.e. spiritual meaning (common meaning) and Relating to the tutelary deities (pertaining to sun)

Adhidaivik Meaning

The Lord Sun, who inspires us in action, we meditate that creator, luminous Lord Sun.

The Lord Sun, who inspires the actions to us for doing and with whose mercy we get the food, fruits etc.

Spiritual Meaning

The Supreme Lord is Sat-Chit-Anand Swaroop. We should meditate the light of that Supreme Lord, the creator of an universe. The Supreme Lord incites our behaviors towards the supremacy.

Adi-Shakti has keep her name Gayatri because, the worshippers may have trust for their protection, " ". A person who repeats a verse of Gayatri, the Mother, Gayatri protects him.

Three forms of Gayatri

Three forms of Gayatri are shown as per the difference of morning, afternoon and evening.
In the morning Gayatri is meditated in the form of virgin, Brahmaroopa. In the afternoon she is worshipped as a young lady and in the evening. She is worshipped as an old lady.

#2 Posted by SURYA PRAKASH on 2/17/2004
Sir, I have been observing all the sites about Gayatri Sadhana but no one has given the procedure of the same. Can you please suggest how to do Gayatri Sadhana in the present Gruhastha Asrama????
With kind regars


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