Posted by Ashram News Reporter on April 11, 2004


The present humanity on this planet earth is mired in various concepts of ONE GOD called "religions" in order to confirm the basic human belief that there is a entity which has powers beyond any human's powers. The humanity calls this one entity as ONE GOD but with various names accorded to it by "religion" based organizations. Every body also believes that this ONE GOD creates, sustains and cyclically recreates everything in what humans perceive as this universe....

Proof of this lies in a very common occurrence in every human life: when any human becomes so helpless in life at the point of death or in any calamity where the existence or welfare is threatened then one so naturally says: OH GOD...PLEASE HELP ME... 

But during the study of SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE contained in the available and understandable text of veD in sNskRUt language, one realizes that all the knowledge expounded by current "religions" are found in the texts of veD....And furthermore through some very detailed and comprehensive study of science knowledge contained in veD one would realize that any existent or extinct "religion" is also a very small part of the infinite amount of life science knowledge contained in veD.....veD starts its existence at the start of every creation cycle as this knowledge of veD empowers all creators and creations to create, sustain and re-create everything in any universe....

To prove the above, here are the following two thoughts of the Christians of the western civilization:

"Religion begins with a consciousness that something is asked of us."
-- Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-72)

"Religion is born when
 we accept the ultimate frustration of
mere human effort,
 at the same time realize the strength
 which comes from
 union with superhuman reality."
-- John Buchan, novelist and Governor-General of Canada

The above was submitted for publishing on this PVAF web site by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii of Edmonton, Alberta Canada as part of the evergreen contribution by so many PVAF volunteers to uphold PVAF's mandate to empower humanity to find the TRUTH IN AND OF GNaan (KNOWLEDGE) which creates humanity, sustains humanity and keeps on recreating eternally through ages and universes....veD states GNaan is that ONE GOD.....)

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