Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on May 1, 2004

Americans trust In God...
And Now Americans believe in
 the healing powers of prayer...

A study in The Archives of Internal Medicine states:

Although there is a dearth of scientific studies proving prayer has "therapeutic" value, a lot of Americans obviously think it works, say the researchers. They found that one-third of Americans use prayer along with conventional medical care. That is, of course, if they can afford the medical care. But then is this belief coming on as according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 44 million Americans don't have health insurance meaning they have to pay for their own medical bills which can make them bankrupt for a prime medical treatment.

The last para of the above news item makes one remember the st`y =  TRUTH of what SRii kRUSH`AN states in s`lok 7.16 of bhgvD giitaa:

"That there are 4 types of people who pray and worship to creator bRH`m....for very specific personal purposes ...and all these 4 types of worshippers are dear to creator bRH`m granting them what they wish:........:

  1. aaARto:     humans who pray and worship when they are in trouble in life and pray only for creator bRH`m to get rid of their troubles and most likely would forget Him once the troubles are gone;
  2. jiGNaasu:     humans who are inquisitive about creator bRH'm and wants to find out what He can do for them they cannot do by themselves;
  3. aARthaaARthi:     humans who want creator bRH`m to bestow on them wealth which can be used for their happiness and pleasure;
  4. GNaani:       humans who are in are learned and always in search of knowledge of the TRUTH of creator bRH'm for the sake of simply to know who their creator is and be content and happy in that knowledge without any expectation of the first three kinds of worshippers noted above....This type is simply gives a lot of aanND (supreme happiness) to creator bRH'm....

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