Posted by Ashram News Reporter on February 27, 2001

This web site was reconstructed after 3 years of this century go where no other Prajapati has gone before.........

Today we had our 1000th vistor on this web site. This web site was reconstructed after 3 years of existence into a data based web site. This reconstruction is providing us with a lot of interactive usage mode.

The volunteers in the news room now do not have to bother our webmaster Bhavin Champaklal Mistry from Edmonton, Canada - news reporters can post and edit news by themselves.

Also you must have noticed that now the NEWS PAGE is only for headlines. You can then click on to the detailed news page. This mode is going to be enhanced further so that you may access the detailed news or an article in the different pages on this web site. This means Bilimora will have its detailed news on Bilimore page after clicking on the main Ashrram News page. The other pages on the web sites are also being made directly accessible for posting and editing by whoever from anywhere in the world.

Access is also being given to whoever wants to even create pages on their own anywhere in the world.

Now you can even chat in the Asharm lounge and get a transcript of your chat for keeps.

We will be starting to email samaj and personally useful information to people of register with this web site... inlcuding matching individuals for friendships and matrimony too......

Dhanyavad to all the web volunteers...May Bhagvan bless you with a return of your choice for your dharmic karma of samaj seva. Does this mean we would not need Bhavin? Absolute wrong.... Bhavin has visions to bring on new features such as video clips, more sound, local features such as weather, games, graphics, cultural aspects of art and music, and much more.... However, never mind thinking Bhavin would not be needed as Bhavin needs more volunteers of the IT type - graphics, animation, audio-video, database experts, and whatever is at the door of cutting edge technology. So join this adventure to create for yourself and your progeny.... in this century go where no other Prajapati has gone before .....and keep the atma-jyot of our forefathers buring bright who opted to sail out to unknown lands in the last century.

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