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sn`naan yaaTRaa OF
 jgnaath, blbhDR, subDRaa and suDaashn:

As per s`KND puraaAN, jgnaath meaning the Lord Of Universe is the name given to an avtaar of viSH`ANu-Daev who himself is the manifestation of creator bRH`m as bRH`m's shk`ti..... viSH`ANu-Daev's  shk`ti empowers all creations to sustain themselves individually and collectively......

In s`kND puraaAN there is a kthaa (historical description) of king in this klp (creation time cyclic of 4.32 billion years) who builds a jgnaath temple to worship viSH`ANu-Daev....In jgnaath temples, along with the jgnaath, who is also regarded as SRii kRUSH`AN, his brother blbhDR or blraam, his wife subDRaa and suDaashn who is viSH`ANu's divine weapon called suDARshn chkR are worshipped..... viSH`ANu's chkR is a creator bRH`m's shk`ti manifesting in the form of a revolving blade with many sharp teeth similar to the one used in cutting wood with a power saw which can destroy anything in this creation and which is itself non-destroyable by any other creator bRH`m's shk`ti....

This worship of jgnaath continues in current times in the 7th of the 14 mnvNTR of this klp....This 7th mnvNTR time era means that the current humanity is living in the time era which has seen about 2.2 billion years of time after the creation started in this klp which will last for a total of 4.32 billion years.....

On June 4, 2004 in jgnaath temple in the city of Puri located on the shore of Bay of Bengal, in the state of Orissa, bhaart (India), veDik peoples celebrated sn`naan yaaTRaa which is a prelude to the rth yaaTRaa scheduled on June 19, 2004...This entire celebration appears to be a re-enactment of the story of the king in s`KND puraaAN.....PVAF would like to hear from its audience this story... you can post it on this web site by clicking on the POST A COMMENT in the header of this news posting....or you can send it to PVAF by email by clicking on the following yellow red hilite PVAF veDik CELEBRATION....This historical story is a major veDik sharing of knowledge of Sciences of Creation and Life called veD among the entire creation.....

And to read about the celebration at the jgnaath temple in Puri please click on the next line.....    

sNaan & rth yaaTRaa at Puri, Orissa, India:
WORSHIP HISTORY STILL REPEATS : Friday, June 4, 2004: Puri, Orissa: By Sampad Mahapatra

The Snan Yatra or bathing festival of the deities of the Jagannath temple in Puri was held on Thursday.

The Snan Yatra marks the end of the hot and humid Hindu month of Jyestha.

The idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan are brought in a ceremonial procession to a high altar called the Snan Mandap for the bathing ritual.

Reprieve from heat

"Heat affects even the Gods and they need some cooling as well," said researcher Sidheswar Mohapatra.

It's the only occasion other than the Rath Yatra when the deities of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan make a public appearance.

Sacred water drawn from the Golden Well and filled in copper containers are poured over the idols, a practice similar to the tribal ritual of giving deities a bath on the last day of the Jyestha month.

Devout audience

Devotees believe that watching the ritual washes away all their sins.

"I am fortunate to have seen the Gajanand Vesha that washes away your sins," said a devotee.

The drenched wooden images, which lose colour during the bath, are then kept away from public view for the next 15 days for fresh colouring. This period is called the Anabasaro

On the 16th day, the deities reappear in public for the Rath Yatra. This year, it is scheduled on June 19.


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