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The known human history on this planet earth for about last 3000 years shows that human collective do not appear to have long term purposes in life which will lead to long term harmonious and prosperous and equitable co-existence among and between humans and all the rest of the creation....Humans have had colonization of peoples and their lands for one selfish and greedy purpose or another leading to wars and conflicts of some nature and reason or another....Such human existence obviously lacks any purposeful long term goals, objectives and purposes thereof as the history shows no gains of long term welfare and well-being of peace, prosperity for any humans with the lifestyle they currently have....

Majority of  humans, somehow at the end of a day, agree that there is ONE CREATOR who has created all that exists in this universe...and different humans call this ONE CREATOR by infinite different names such as god, God, bRH`m, Lord, the trinity of Father, Son and Spirit, Allah, Yahweh...and then some humans do not even believe that there is ONE CREATOR by saying creation is natural, automated and mechanistic process.....Current science is grappling with both the preceding concepts of ONE CREATOR and the existence of creations.....

But as all scientists will admit to the fact that this ONE CREATOR or the natural process always guides all creations in daily living, sustaining and dying through knowledge which is revealed if one looks hard enough for such knowledge....Please click on the next line to learn about such  knowledge left for the humanity about the 4 objectives of a human life journey called 4 puruSHaaARth in the texts of sNskRUt language called humans decipher this veD,  it reveals itself as the knowledge of SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE....and these sciences also seem to be the manual to operate human lives similar to the car manuals humans get from car manufacturers....Amaze yourself as studying this will give you some sense in and of life relieving the stresses of purposeless life dominated and controlled by unscientific social systems .....  

4 puruSHaaARth

As per veD, A human being has been given by creator bRH`m 4 puruSHaaARth or life objectives for every life journey between birth and death....these life objectives inspires and stimulates a human to perform one's  kARm (any life activity) with the understanding of the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm:

  1. aARth puruSHaaARth:.. by this ordained life objective, a person in gRHsth-aaSRm is to live in a society under a political system and create wealth to support himself, his family and by this wealth and politics to support those who are living in bRH`mchaaARy-aaSRm , vnspr-aaSRm and sNyaasi-aaSRm.....

    bRH`mchaaARy-aaSRm, gRHsth-aaSRm,  vnspr-aaSRm and sNyaasi-aaSRm are 4 aaSRm (stages) in life from birth to death which ordains a person to perform life activities based on the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm and commensurate to his age and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

    bRH`mchaaARy-aaSRm is for the duration from birth till one finishes one's education and learning all sciences of creation and life for gainful employment to support oneself and others as prescribed by the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm and to co-exist harmoniously with the rest of the creations. This bRH`mchaaARy-aaSRm is usually from birth to about age of 25 years.

    gRHsth-aaSRm is the duration of one's life after completing bRH`mchaaARy-aaSRm to setting up one's own household with a spouse through marriage to completing raising one's own children till they are married and have their first child... all these kARm (any life activity)  to be performed as prescribed by the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm..... gRHsth-aaSRm is usually of is form 25th year to 50th year of  a human life term. 

    vnspr-aaSRm is the duration of life which starts after completing gRHsth-aaSRm.... In vnspr-aaSRm one gradually starts getting out of  sNsaarik (worldly) affairs of life to devote time to study of veD and  with the knowledge of veD to reflect on the life lived to this stage of life. This reflection is to find the meaning and truth about the participation that happened in sNsaar (worldly life activities) in bRH`mchaaARy-aaSRm and gRHsth-aaSRm. vnspr-aaSRm is the time to reflect upon and understand, based on the knowledge of veD, whether one did live one's life by the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm or not and if not what expiation one has to do as a penance for all aDHARmik (not based on the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm) kARm performed in life to this time. This realization also is to be used to guide and counsel one's children and others as an elder in the society to live by and with the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm.

    sNyaasi-aaSRm starts at the completion of  vnspr-aaSRm around the age of 75 years when the truth of living by the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm has been realized. With this realization one totally devotes one's life to the study of veD by getting totally out of sNsaarik kARm. The purpose during this sNyaasi-aaSRm is to realize that one's travel from birth to death is to gain moKSH. moKSH means liberation from the continual cycle of pain and joy in each life journey immersed in sNsaarik kARm. With attainment of moKSH one can live performing sNsaarik kARm without any pain in life in a condition called aanND meaning absolute bliss, pleasure and joy.


  2. kaam puruSHaaARth:...By this ordained life objective a person in gRHsth-aaSRm,  vnspr-aaSRm and sNyaasi-aaSRm is to have various types of enjoyment, pleasure and recreation befitting one's aaSRm in life, time, place and purpose of enjoyment in accordance with the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm.
  3. DHARm puruSHaaARth:...This ordained life objective is to guide the attainment of aARth puruSHaaARth, kaam puruSHaaARth so that attainment of moKSH puruSHaaARth becomes possible. Without performing the kARm (any life activity) by the rules, regulations and laws of DHARm one cannot ever attain the state of moKSH and thus have to suffer the cycles of pain and joy in eternal sNsaar-chkR which  is a wheel of birth-death cycles giving one's soul different kinds of bodies from human to animal to plant to inanimate beings.   
  4. moKSH puruSHaaARth:...This ordained life objective is attainable only through GNaan which is the knowledge of creator bRH`m, the sciences of creation, sustenance of creation and cyclic de-creation and re-creation by creator bRH`m and creator bRH`m's relationship with all its creations. When one obtains this GNaan one attains and lives in the state of moKSH. This GNaan also frees one from pain and joy of living in the eternal revolving cycle of sNsaar-chkR. And with the state of moKSH one lives in this creation of creator bRH'm with and in aanND only;  that is in a state of pure and absolute bliss and joy without the following of any pain and suffering from all that causes pain in this creation.  

The knowledge of this article is being shared for understanding a series of articles that are being posted on this web site dealing with aARth-puruSHaaARth this week....these articles will tell you how humans do not follow the rules, regulations and laws of  DHARm in creating wealth for themselves and their fellow creations for a happy and prosperous living......and thus invite pain and suffering......


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