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Vijaykumar Natubhai Lad was given a PVAF student scholarship through PVAF Gujraat Education Program.... This donated scholarship has empowered Vijaykumar and his parents to pay all the education, living and travel expenses during 4 years study till Vijay completes  in 2006 his 4-year degree program in civil engineering at Vallabh Vidya Nagar University....

The 4-year scholarship to Vijaykumar  was donated by SRii Ramesh Mistry and his wife SRiimti Vimla Mistry of Raynes Park, London, UK.

And now Vijaykumar has proven to his donors, PVAF and the entire world that he is very serious about his studies by scoring a perfect A in all the five subjects in his 4th semester of the 8 semesters which ended in June 2004. In his 3rd semester Vijaykumar had scored 3 A's and 2 B's.....

The above learning capacity in Vijaykumar seems to be possible because of Vijaykumar's real understanding of the word "IMPOSSIBLE" as explained in this email below...

From: PVAF-Scholar Vijay N. Lad
Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 10:26 AM
To: Champak D. Mistry
Subject: Word "impossible"

namaste champakbhai:

Hello how are you? Here we all are happy and healthy and. Hope you will happy there.

Here I am writing to say something about success:

There is nothing "impossible" in the world,
"IMPOSSIBLE" word itself says that:

Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from
lad vijaykumar

For more information on the PVAF Gujraat Education Program please click on the next line.....which is an program handout which needs update to say that:

  • By July 2004  PVAF has given out 7 scholarships for poor but bright students to get university degrees and

  • The scholarships needs are now between Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 a year for a 4 year degree study depending on the degree and institution of study. 

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