veD of rKSHaa-bNDHn:......MOVE IT.....DO IT.....IN UK......
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on August 19, 2004


From News: UK.

A Bristol museum is hosting workshops this week that it hopes can help brothers and sisters realize their value to one another.

The workshops at the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum will explore the ancient Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, which celebrates the special bond between siblings.

The festival includes the ritual tying a thread around the wrist called “Rakhi”, meaning a “bond of protection”.

The ritual is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan, when sisters tie the sacred Rakhi string on their brothers’ right wrists and pray for their long life.

Visitors will get the chance to learn more about how the day is celebrated and will be able to make their own Rakhi bracelets, as well as trying some festive Indian sweets.

The events are part of the museum’s summer fun programme, ‘Move It! Do It!’, which also offers music and food-tasting and indoor and outdoor events.

The Raksha Bandan workshops take place from 12-4pm from Tuesday to Thursday, and are suitable for all ages.

PVAF's  veD learning and sharing group thinks these types of workshops should be conducted on all veDik celebrations and festivals by all community practicing veDik lifestyle everywhere on this planet earth outside India.....

Such workshop should be part of learning and sharing veD = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE by all peoples and communities in the world who live veDik lifestyle to live by the rules and regulations of pRkRUti (nature's creations and created) called DHARm of the ONE CREATOR of all that has existed, exists now and will exists in future to eternity....

PVAF invites you to share information on these kind of workshops in your share just click on POST A COMMENT button in the header of this news item and share away.....

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