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Schools are checking tiffin boxes to stop kids from eating junk food in a citywide movement against obesity.

Biscuits, wafers, chocolates and all other prepackaged fried stuff that makes kids fat is banned. All home-cooked meals (including vada-pao) are fine, the schools hasten to add.

Notes are also being sent to parents educating them on nutrition and encouraging them to pack their kids fruits, salads and chapatis for lunch.

‘‘Students have to eat lunch in class. Teachers confiscate junk food and a note is sent to the parents requesting that their child be packed wholesome food,” said Gazala Shaikh, headmistress of Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls English School on Bellasis Road in Nagpada.

More than 30 per cent of the school’s kids were found to be carrying prepackaged fried foods before the ban was put into effect.....

Please click on the next line to continue reading about Indian food nutrition.....where a tiffin of Chapati, Vegtable/Alu paratha, • Idli/Dosa, Noodles with vegetables,  Sprouts, Fruits,  Upma/Sheera,, Cutlet, pattice, sabudana khichdi, poha are being recommended to parents for children's lunches in schools.....

The Leelavati Podar School at Santacruz has gone a step further and asks parents to send specific lunches on different days of the week. Wednesday is ‘Fruits Day’, Thursday is ‘Salad Day’ and Friday is ‘Sprouts Day’.

‘‘Initially parents used to forget to send nutritious food but now it has become a part of school activity,” said Principal N Fernandes. She also said that about a third of her school’s children carried prepacked fried food.

Malavika Athavale, a nutritionist at N M Medical Centre, Bandra, said the schools were right in taking these steps.

‘‘Obesity is a growing problem among kids who simply cannot stay off junk food,” said Athavale.

Schools like the Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu and American School of Bombay at Bandra-Kurla Complex have roped in the services of Radhakrishna Hospitality Services Limited (RKHS) to offer nutrition-enriched meals to students.

RKHS’s Kumar Katra listed idli/dosas noodles and alu paratha among the items children were fed.

At the Balmohan Vidyamandir English medium school at Dadar, a food time-table is prepared in the beginning of the academic year.

‘‘While students are encouraged to get nutritious food every day, the Friday lunch concept has been evolved where parents prepare special items for tiffin,” said school trustee Dr M S Rege.

Parents have to send food like chapatis, pulao, upma or parathas in tiffins, said Rege.

The Islamic International School at Dongri not only provides nutritious breakfast and meal to the students, but also conducts regular health check-ups for students to ensure that they are eating the right food and are in good health.

‘‘We serve milk, fruits and dry fruits to the students and hold health camps for students,” said administration manager Manjur Shaikh.

What is in

• Chapati
• Veg/Alu paratha
• Idli/Dosa
• Noodles with vegetables
• Sprouts
• Fruits
• Upma/Sheera
• Cutlet, pattice, sabudana khichdi, poha

What is out

• All kinds of packed food including wafers, chips
• Fried food
• Chocolates and biscuits

What is an ideal school snack?

Nutritionist Malavika Athavale suggests:

• It can be a roti with sabji which kids fondly refer to as ‘frankie’
• Pulao — vegetable or egg — is another nutritious meal
• Experimenting with vada pav is not a bad idea if the mother can change the vada constitution. Chaat in the tiffin is not bad for a change
• French toast/egg toast are quick to make
• Dal parathas with sauces are a hit with kids
• Soya and milk mixed in food gives the required nutrition


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