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Gujarat Prajapatio made history on March 11, 2001 by forming Shree Prajapati International Education Association.......which will set up education program to uplift the entire community to levels of prosperity compared to any other community in the world..... in the next 25 years.........supported by all Prajapatio in the world through the education programs initiated by Prajapati Vishva Asharm

March 11, 2001 will be remembered as a historic day at Bilimora and among all Prajapati Samajo in Gujarat, India. At the meeting in Bilimora, the samaj representatives from Bilimora, Chikhli, Killa Pardi, Surat, Valsad, Vapi and Navasari formed a first ever all-Gujarat organization to plan and deliver a program to provide all that will be necessary to enable each and every one Prajapati in Gujarat to educate himself/herself to the highest level one would wish to attain.

This organization formed has been given the name of SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION.

At this meeting all the Prajaptio in Gujarat and around the world have prayed to Bhagvan that all the Prajapati samajo in Gujarat will join in this education program and the Association created to deliver it. At this meeting all Prajapatio also prayed to Bhagvan that no matter where a Prajapati is in this world, he/she will join in this fundamental life process to bring individual and collective prosperity to the entire Prajapati community in the world. We all also prayed to Bhagvan that He bless us all with all we will need in this fundamental life activity to get gnan (knowledge). OM SHANTI SHANTI........OM TAT SAT.........

The following are the messages exchanged between SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION and Prajapati Vishva Ashram on this historic occasion. Prajapati Vishva Ashram feels blessed to have initiated this education process on a formal world wide footing though some very bright atma-jyot of its volunteers who are scattered all over the world. Prajapati Vishva Ashram also remembers on this historic occasion all those Prajapatio forefathers who were the first explorers going out of Gujarat to South Africa. These explorers were the first to think about the importance of education in Prajapati lives. They formed Prajapati Vidyarthi Asharm at Navasari in the 1930's and kept it alive till today with their Pitru blessings. This foresight and initiative has been the guiding light for all the volunteers of Prajapati Vishva Ashram.

First Report from Dr. Kamleshbhai Dineshchandra Prajapati, who was officially elected as the First President of SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION.

"Hari Om,
The meeting of Steering Committee was started at exactly at 9.15 am on March 11, 2001 and was chaired by the chairman of the Steering Committee DR. Kamleshbhai Dineshchandra Prajapati of Bilimora. The meeting was held at Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Asharm at Bilimora.

First the minutes of the February 7, 2001 meeting was read by Shree Kamleshbhai and the then the agenda of today's meeting .was explained.

Then the discussion started for necessary changes in the constitution which was presented at the meeting of February 7, 2001. The suggestions presented for changes to the constitution were noted by Shree Kiritbhai and adopted. The adopted version of the constitution will be released on this web site shortly. The main changes adopted in this constitution are that there will be no charges for membership in SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. All the Prajapati members will have full participation through their representatives in all management and operation of SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION through various program committees.

The name, address and office bearers approved by the Steering Committee members of the proposed association is as noted below:


(Short form: SPIEA GUJARAT)

HEAD QUARTERS: Shree Prajpati Vidyarthi Ashram, Mahadev Nagar, Bilimora, Gujarat, India

Email: OR

PRESIDENT: DR. Kamlesh D. Prajapati

(Email: Phone:(2634)80205 Bilimora)


1. Shree Manish C. Prajapati, Killa Pardi

2. Shree Pareshbhai M. Lad, Surat

SECRETARY: Shree Kiritbhai M. Mistry, Navasari

CO-SECRETARY: Shree Minseshbhai M. Prajapati, Vapi

TREASURER: Shree Sanmukhbhai Lad, Chikhli

The members from Vapi, Killa Pardi, Surat and Valsad ashramo will be coming with proposal to start Computer Centres at their ashrarmo. SPIEA GUJARAT decided that the these new Computer Centres will be started before 15th April, 2001 if the confirmation for computer donations for these new centres is given by Shree Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad, Calgary, Canada who is the Gujarat Internet program leader for Prajapati Vishva Ashram. Upon initial confirmation of computer donation from Prajapati Vishva Ashram, SPIEA GUJARAT will allocate computers. The ashramo are requested to submit all necessary documents in this process to President of SPIEA GUJARAT before 30 March, 2001. The President of SPIEA GUJARAT herby requests Shree Chandrakantbhai, the program leader of Prajapati Vishva Ashram to send to SPIEA GUJARAT confirmation of computer donations as early as possible. SPIEA GUJARAT also requests from Prajapati Vishva Ashram confirmation about the upgrading of computers at Bilimora Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram. Also, a phone call from Shree Chandrakantbhai will help in discussing the outstanding matters in this regard.

The computers at Bardoli Prajapati Vidyarthi Ashram have been fixed and are now in working condition.


Dr Kamlesh D. Prajapati, Bilimora


On March 11, 2001, the following message was sent in response to the above message from Prajapati Vishva Ashram by Shree Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry from Edmonton, Canada who is the volunteer leader of Gujarat Scholarship Program :

"Namaste Kamleshbhai and Chandrakantbhai:
I must congratulate both of you on behalf of all Prajapatio in the world for finally bringing Gujarat Prajapatio together on one platform lighted by many atma-jyot and with a pride of ourselves as a kumbhar and a distinct people.
I must congratulate Shree Chandrakantbhai for his nishkami bhakti for the last 3 years for all Prajapati children's future. May Bhagvan grace you both for what you have accomplished so far and may Bhagvan bless you so that you never stop serving Prajapati children and samaj as a seva to Bhagvan Himself.
I am also happy that in the name selected for the Gujarat organization the word EDUCATION is included. It is only that we do not have enough education that we are comparatively poor. Poor from lack of knowledge usually also means one would be poor of wealth and everything else. May Bhagvan give all of us a lot of gnan (knowledge) through education. Shree Krishan has told us repeatedly in Bhagvat Gita that gnan is the only thing which will eliminate our dukh of our sansar and samasara (life cycles).
Kamleshbhai: Prajapati Vishva Ashram would like to have a structured program of education from SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION which Gujarat Prajapatio would like to implement for the next five years in each of their samaj location in Gujarat.
This education program must be:
- based on the need we have to prosper in life,
- based on eliminating the reasons why we are not prospering,
- based on the progress in all aspects of life, meaning education should not be just that we can make money - education should be all rounded so that we also become good Prajapatio socially, emotionally, spiritually and of course economically.
- based on the need to upgrade all age groups in our samaj.
- based on the need to educate males and females equally.
- based on the need for all our children to be able to educate themselves to whatever standard they wish.
- based on the need of the adult group who have missed education and are labouring in life for practically nothing. Adults can start learning trades which pays far better than being labourer for the rest of their lives.
- based on our need to start individual and communal businesses - we can never achieve much wealth if we are going to be working for others all the time.
- based on need to re-learn the Ved we have forgotten. If we do not learn Ved than we would be just mechanical beings similar to what is happening to our Prajaptio in western countires. Mechanical beings have no understanding of Bhagvan our Creator and consequently have no understanding of what a relationship is within a family, samaj, provinice, state, country and international communities.
- based on need to learn our history, heritage, traditions - this knowledge makes each one of us proud of being who we are and can never be looked down upon by anybody in the world. At the same time gives us knowledge never to look down on anyboy in this world.
For the last 33 years I have been involved in community development professionally. That is what my bussiness has been and that is how I make my living. In community development I get involved with everything from having descent standard of physcial living by having descent houses, water and sewer systems to having proper schools and education systems, social programs such as health, religion, social support programs, recreational, etc. I project manage by putting all expertise together as a team and co-ordinate everything in all phased right from visioning to vision development to fund-raising to planning, design and implementation of all the visions into reality to operation and maintenance programs of the reality implemented.
If it is agreeable and pleasing to you all, I would feel blessed and would love to work with you all Prajapatio in Gujarat to develop the above with you to satisfy your needs and in your local ways.
All of the above activities require wealth - money, materials, various expertise and labour. Through Prajapati Vishva Ashram we all will make efforts to raise all of the above at local levels and at international levels.
As education is the basis for all of the above, Prajapati Vishva Ashram will be focusing on raising funds for education first.
Shree Chandrakantbhai, as a Program leader for Gujarat Internet Program has volunteered and committed himself to keep on raising funds till all our Prajapati Samaj in Gujarat are connected through internet.
I have volunteered to raise funds for providing education. This year's target is to provide scholarships for university or vocation education for about 5 students and keep on increasing the number as we fund-raise.
In all of the above we need active volunteers in all the samaj all over the world. We will be making appeal for this very shortly.
These are my thoughts on which my family has grown in the last 80 years from being our usual poor kumbhar to a kumbhar family having comfortable life and targeting increasing prosperity for my future generations. It has been all possible becuase my parents had the wisdom and determination to educate me and all my four brothers and a sister right up to the level each of us wanted. With this determination from my parents all of us 5 brothers have university education and some of us are continuing education to upgrade to stay with the current knowledge levels even in our adult life.

We must continue this change and evolution of life through education for all of us Prajapatio.

I will take lead in writing proper messages of appeal to join in this struggle to all known samaj sevak all over the world now that we have SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION in Gujarat. You two have worked hard and started something which will change our Prajapati future for ever. May Bhagvan grace us with all we are going to need.
Please let me know of your thoughts regarding the above. The above are my starting thoughts and are not cast in stones but should be regarded as a starting point only. And the start point is to start working at drawing up a Education Program working with all the samaj in Gujarat.
Once again congratulations to you two and all the samaj who have joined this program at the present time.
Shukriya and Namaskar till we meet in your response.
Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry, Edmonton, Canada"
A volunteer for Prajapati Vishva Ashram: Email:

The following message was send by Shree Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad, the volunteer leader of Gujarat Internet Program from Calgary, Canada to SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION on March 11, 2001.

Thanks Shree Champakbhai. Congratulation Shree Dr. Kamleshbhai Prajapati for being elected as first President of SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION head quartered in Bilimora. I know you have tremendous task ahead of you, but be assured that we are here to support you all the way to reach our goals of “giving the opportunity of education to those who are unable to achieve otherwise”.

I am really thrilled and I have sincere thoughts that our worldwide Prajapatio will support the common goals of all Prajapatio. We can assure them that their sincere support and contribution will make a big difference to our prajapati society.

Dr. Kamleshbhai Prajapati, having now being elected as first President of SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION will need lots of support financially and spiritually to carry out the aim of the Association. We are moving in the right direction.

I am copying this Email to all our fellow Prajapatio who have access to email and are great supporters and are patriotic to our samaj to visit our web site whereby Shree Champakbhai will put an appeal towards raising the funds for this worthwhile cause "To Give education Opportunity to those otherwise unable to achieve on their own" through SHREE PRAJAPATI INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION.

Congratulation once again. Please support and promote our foundation that belong to us WORLD WIDE PRAJAPATIO WHERE EVER THEY RESIDE.

Dr Kamleshbhai Prajapati: Please go ahead with elected committee to provide the computers to other samajo and at Surat and update the computer if need to be at Bardoli samaj. Please also supply all the email addresses of our samajo who have such addresses or request Narendrabhai, Manager of Bilimora ITT and who is the computer expert representative for Prajapati Vishva Ashram to help to set up addresses for each of our samaj. Also inform us of the structure of the computer courses being offered at each samaj. Please keep the list of students at each samaj taking part who are participating in learning the Computer Technology.


Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad, Calgary, Canada

A volunteer of Prajapati Vishva Ashram.

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