veD OF TRUE KNOWLEDGE.....Anger is my slave: ..... But you are a slave of anger...Therefore, are you a slave of my slave?....
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on September 25, 2004

"Anger is my slave: it is under my control..... But you are a slave of anger: how easily you lose your temper!... Therefore, are you a slave of my slave?”..

To understand the above header first understand the following:

"Real knowledge,
like everything else of value,
 is not to be obtained easily.
It must be worked for, studied for, thought for,
 more than all,
must be prayed for."

The above was said by Thomas Arnold (1795-1842) who had a profound and lasting effect on the development of public school education in England. Arnold introduced mathematics, modern history and modern languages and instituted the form system and introduced the prefect system to keep discipline. He modernized the teaching of Classics by directing attention to literary, moral or historical questions.

Although Arnold held strong views, he made it clear to his students they were not expected to accept those views, but to examine the evidence and to think for themselves.

Arnold had a deep sympathy for the poor and in 1831 he started a newspaper that advocated social reform. The newspaper failed but Arnold continued to write on these subject for the rest of his life. Arnold was also a strong supporter of Catholic Emancipation.

1997: PRAJAAPATI VISHVA AASHRAM FOUNDATION (PVAF) was established as a non-profit, volunteer driven, world wide, borderless, timeless, community platform on which all communities in the world can be empowered to create resources for educating all the children in the world for employment in the evolving knowledge-based markets around the world; thus stopping generational poverty due to illiteracy and creating family growth, prosperity and well-being.

PVAF's birth sounds like the continuation of aspirations of Thomas Arnold for the quest of REAL KNOWLEDGE.... and

PVAF is doing that with a lot of praying in the form of sharing of teaching, learning and using the REAL KNOWLEDGE of life and creation called veD ....

veD is totally used in the continuing development of PVAF Gujraat Education Program (GEP) as its first step in its mandate to alleviate poverty among the current humanity......

This PVAF GEP is incidentally the same aspiration Thomas Arnold had for poor and for social reform for removal of poverty......PVAF prays for the blessing of Thomas Arnold for acquiring REAL KNOWLEDGE by all PVAF volunteers, donors and receipents of PVAF services under PVAF GEP......:so that:


And with the above mandate and lots of blessings from many of YOU around the world, PVAF will only succeed as its REALITY is TRUE KNOWLEDGE.... PVAF's service programs are just its body which will be eternally changing to suit the service needs of the needy humanity.....

Alexander The Great (356-323 BC) after he conquered Indus valley part of India in his campaign to establish an empire stretching from Greece to India which became subsequently the Roman Empire learned this REAL KNOWLEDGE from a yogi in India that the REAL can never be killed or conquered....To read this real life anecdote about Alexander the Great please click on the next line..... 

I am immortal, deathless, and eternal.
You can only cut the body
which is but a garment I have worn..

Alexander the Great, as he was about to return from India, remembered that his people had asked him to bring with himself an Indian yogi. He set out in quest and found a yogi sitting, in a forest, underneath in a tree, in silent meditation. Alexander went and sat in front of the yogi, in silence.

When the yogi opened his eyes, Alexander found that they were lit up with a strange light. He said to the yogi: - “Won’t you come with me to Greece? I will give you everything you need. A section of the palace will be reserved for you. Servants will wait in attendance and do your bidding.”

The yogi smiled. “I have no needs,” he answered. “I do not need servants to do my bidding. And I have no desire to go to Greece.”

The point-blank refusal upset Alexander. He was enraged.

Unsheathing his sword, he said to the yogi: - “Do you know, I can cut you into pieces? I am Alexander, the world conqueror.”

The yogi smiled again and said quietly: - “You have made two statements. The first is that you can cut me into pieces. No, you cannot cut me into pieces.

You can only cut the body which is but a garment I have worn. I am immortal, deathless, and eternal.

And your second statement is that you are a world conqueror. May I tell you, you are only a slave of my slave?”

Intrigued, Alexander said: - “I do not understand.”

The yogi explained to him:

Anger is my slave:
it is under my control.
But you are a slave of anger:
how easily you lose your temper!
Therefore, are you a slave of my slave?”



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