Posted by Vishva News Reporter on March 18, 2001

The suffering for the people of Shaurastra has not abated....nature is still being unkind.....cattle faces fatal diseases... vilagers facing severe water companies facing massive payouts.....

CATTLE FACES THIRD CALAMITY IN KUTCH:     In eight villages of Kutch region devastated by the heavy duty earthquake on January 26th 2001, the cattle is suffering from foot and mouth diseases. This is the third calamity for the cattle in the area - first the drought, then the quake and now the fatal disease. The cattle were being treated with 40,000 vaccines as a preventative measure against the spread of the disease from UK and France. But the vaccination is stopped as it did not seem to have any effect.  The Kuthcio are panicking that the diseases will spread to other villages. The panic is furthered as the milk supply from the cattle has been decreasing drastically.

WATER SHORTAGE IN SHAURASTRA:     The suffering from quake is being increased by the severe shortage of water being experienced in many parts of Shaurastra. In some places water rationing is in force with some towns getting potable water once in six days. One of the reasons of severe shortage of water is the delays in constructing dams and pipe lines. Some projects which were scheduled to be completed in two months are still not completed after two years in the villages of Lambadhar, Limbdi and Dhoraji.

RAJKOT'S RELIANCE PETROLEUM LTD'S INSURANCE CLAIM OF 144 CRORE (1 billion 440 million) RUPEES: has been registered with the New India Insurance Company and Leed Ree Munich Insurance RIE. This petroleum refinery has a daily average capacity of 540,000 barrels a day of crude oil processing. The insurance claim is for the damage sustained to the plant and infrastructure from the January 26th quake. The refinery has been repaired and operational with production increased to 580,000 barrels a day.

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