Posted by Vishva News Reporter on October 4, 2004

Australian Parliament to Host
Deepaavali Celebrations 2061

News from Hinduism Today:
Hindu Council of Australia, CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, October 4, 2004:

Hindu Council of Australia Ltd is pleased to announce the first-ever historic celebration of Deepaavali at the Federal Parliament House in Canberra on Saturday, November 13, 2004.

The Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Australia has agreed to celebrate Deepaavali, the Hindu festival of lights in the Parliament at Canberra.

This is a historic event for the Indians and for all Hindus across the world as it is the first time ever that the biggest Hindu festival, Deepaavali will be celebrated in the Federal Parliament of Australia.

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The north facade of the Parliament house will be illuminated with different color lights on the November 12, 13 and 14, 2004.

A function is being organized inside the Great Hall of the Federal Parliament on Saturday, November 13, 2004. The program will start in the evening at 4:30 PM with addresses by the members of the Parliament. Prime Minister and the Leader of the opposition will be invited to address the gathering.

There will be cultural performances including Bharat Natyam by Ananya Samarpan and Ram Lila by Raghvan Nair. Plans are under way for a special Punjabi folk dance group from India to visit and perform on the occasion.

Light refreshments will be served followed by illumination by a leading Member of Parliament and supporter of Hindu cause in Australia. Hindus from Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and from Perth are expected to join the parliamentarians in the celebrations.

Hindu Council of Australia, a federation of Hindu organizations with members from all major cities has been celebrating Deepaavali Melaa for last 5 years in Sydney.

Last year, Hindu Council was instrumental in organizing the first ever Deepaavali celebration in NSW State Parliament.

This year it is making history again by initiating the celebration of Deepaavali at the federal Parliament House in Canberra.

 Hindu Council will be running special bus service between Sydney and Canberra on that day. Special buses are also being planned from Melbourne to Canberra.

If you would like to join these celebrations, please contact any one of the following to obtain tickets Dr. Bala at Hindu Council office on 02 9746-7789.


There are 3 additional comments.

#1 Posted by Vanraj Doshi, on 10/5/2004
Extremely pleased to hear about celebration in Australian Parliament Hindus most celebrated festival. Please do keep the flag flying and I can assure you all the Hindus wherever they are will be prroud of the good work you are doing in that part of the world.

#2 Posted by Vinod Budhdeo on 10/6/2004
Wonderful achievement by the Indian leaders in Australia. With the help and good understanding of Vedas one can create miracles and bring about the best of Indain thoughts and Spiritual aspect of Hinduism.

#3 Posted by PRAVIN VAGHANI on 10/6/2004
Very pleased to know that the deepaavali will be celebrated by the Australian Parliament. It is a tribute to the dedication and hard work of the Indian leaders in Australia. I congratulate them. I will certainly join the celebration. - Pravin Vaghani, Hon. Editor of the Gujarati magazine 'MATRUBHASHA'


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