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At PVAF the topic is always humans.... and who, what, why and how they are in the master plan of creation in this universe.....From GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS here are some of the strange things humans can do to compete with the creative powers of their creator bRHm

Most Sophisticated Toilet:

The Washlet Zoe is the most sophisticated toilet in the world. Produced by Toto, the Washlet first went on sale in Japan in May, 1997. This remote-controlled restroom revolution has a record-breaking seven flash functions. They include an automatic, self-lifting lid and a built-in flush simulator that creates a sound effect to cover embarrassing noises. The seat is heated and the unit automatically freshens the air after use.

There is no need for paper - the toilet washes and dries the user every time!

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Most Lead Turned into Gold:

In 1980, the renowned American scientist Glenn Seaborg (19121999) transmuted several thousand atoms of lead into gold at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. His experimental technique, using nuclear physics, was able to remove protons and neutrons from the lead atoms.

Seaborg's technique would have been far too expensive to enable routine manufacturing of gold from lead, but his work is the closest to the mythical Philosopher's Stone.

Strangest Diet:

Michel Lotito (aka Henri Mangetout) from Grenoble, France, has been eating metal and glass since 1959. Gastroenterologists have described his ability to consume 900 g (2 lb) of metal per day as "unique". Mangetout - Michel's nickname - literally translates as "eats everything".

Michel says bananas and hard-boiled eggs make him sick.



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