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In the study of veD which is the SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION one is always urged and counseled to follow kARm-yog...

As understood in layman terms of universal wisdom kARm-yog means :

  1. performing kARm in every moment of one's life....
  2. never to be idle...
  3. never to give up....
  4. never to find excuses as to why one cannot perform such and such a kARm....
  5. never to postpone for tomorrow or some other time what you can do today...

Please click on the next line to continue to enlighten YOURSELF and OTHERS about kARm-yog and thus change YOUR life forever for THAT HAPPIER TOMORROW THAN TODAY with the knowledge from the veD library of SRii Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.......and at the end of there is also an article from MSN LIFESTYLE by Lisa Martin, a professional certified life coach titled: "3 ways to pursue your dreams and live the life you want by shedding fears, self-defeating beliefs and self doubts" to learn about some thoughts on kARm-yog from western civilization.....

As explained in veD texts kARm-yog further means :

  1. always to do all that comes to your daily plate without you going out in search of kARm....
  2. always to do all that is your kARm and never to do kARm of others....
  3. always to follow your life path that you have chosen...and if you have not chosen a life path then you must choose the one that comes from your heart...and the one which you feel you have a natural talent for and would wish to walk with eagerness and energy every morning you wake up....
  4. always to do kARm on your chosen life path with conformance to RUtt and st`y...RUtt means the laws of nature which makes all the creations to co-exist in harmony and the laws of nature that empowers oneself to self-sustaining with the help of others and helping others to`y means TRUTH that is the basis of DHARm and which is the fundamental power that empowers one to create, sustain and go through de-creation for re-creation cycles in sNsaar (worldly existence) ..without st`y everything in this universe starts to self-destruct itself and also destruct everything around itself...
  5. always perform kARm without expectation for or intention of or motivation of returns of profit or rewards or fruits for oneself....accept what comes to oneself naturally as a profit or reward or fruits upon performance of a kARm...this mode of performing kARm is called nish-kaami mode and leads to moKSH that is liberation from DuKH (pain and suffering) experienced in life....and this nish-kaami mode of performing kARm also leads to vaiiraag`y (detachment to life's emotional conditioning of I, me and mine) and gives aanND (supreme bliss) while performing kARm and after the kARm is completed......
  6. to always perform kARm with the knowledge that if one stops performing kARm then the creation in which one lives will start to die and will die ultimately along with one's own death.. 
  7. to always know that one's kARm as one's past and one's future to come and thus perform kARm in conformance with the rules and regulations of DHARm....the fundamental and universal golden rule of DHARm is:
    • "never ever to hurt another with one's kARm and
    • one's kARm could be in the form of words, thoughts or physical actions"....
  8. to perform kARm based on GNaan only.....GNaan is the knowledge of how creation is created, sustained and cyclically de-created and re-created by creator bRH`m....this means no kARm shall be performed with ignorance or emotions or attachment or self-serving purposes at the cost of others......

And now YOU may wish to read the following thoughts from western civilization.....

3 ways to pursue your dreams
Live the life you want by shedding fears, self-defeating beliefs and doubt
By Lisa Martin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of your dreams?

Wouldn't it be rewarding to wake up every morning feeling excited, inspired and passionate?

To be more engaged in your life, find the courage to pursue your hopes and ambitions.

Perhaps you want to run a marathon, write a book, give a speech or start your own business. What's stopping you?

Chances are, your Number 1 obstacle is you ? your "shoulds," beliefs and fears. If you want to blast away these roadblocks to your happiness, use your determination as dynamite.

1. Unplug your "shoulds":

"Shoulds" can make you feel miserable, guilty and stop you from focusing on your true priorities. A useless "should" imposes an outside set of priorities that may or may not be what you want to be doing. In the end, "shoulds" compromise your ability to live your dreams. You can only follow your passions when you stop doing what you think you "should" do.

To stop "shoulds" from blocking your path to fulfillment, assess which of your "shoulds" can be eliminated and which are really wants or can be transformed into wants. Aim for a "should-free zone" by using this four-step formula:
1. Stop. Realize you've said "should."
2. Look. Assess your choices.
3. Listen. Differentiate between wants and "shoulds."
4. Learn. Understand the consequences of saying no to the "should."

By following this process, you will notice that you start saying no more often to your "shoulds" and yes more often to the things you want to do, which in turn allows your wants, passions and dreams to blossom.

2. Blast away defeating beliefs

Think about what can propel you forward or keep you stuck. Limiting and negative thoughts about you, your abilities and the possibilities open to you are defeating beliefs. They are often simple, yet they can have a profound effect on your life, keeping you from even trying to succeed.

To liberate yourself of defeating beliefs you must first identify them. Pay attention to your spoken and unspoken words. What do you tell others, and yourself, you cannot do? A defeating belief often lurks behind an excuse or a fear - particularly something that concerns the things you are most passionate about. A defeating belief can be: "I'm too old to start this now." "I won't be able to make any money doing that." "I have to be in much better shape." "I don't have time." "It will never work." When you explore your excuses and fears, you will discover your defeating beliefs and be able to create a plan to eliminate them.

3. Face your fears

Making you feel unprotected and insecure, fear exposes your vulnerabilities. When you live in fear, you become susceptible to the risk of success or failure, to the thoughts and comments of others, to loneliness or to your inner critic. Yet feeling frightened can also be enlightening. Becoming aware that fear is playing a role in your life is often a gift. It gives you a chance to assess what is holding you back.

Don't be afraid of fear. Instead, expose your fear to the light and determine whether it is real. Fear definitely evokes real physical responses and emotions, yet the fear itself - the source of your trepidation - may not be real, it may be imagined or the product of worry. When you identify which fears are getting in your way, you can then take all proper and possible precautions to move safely through them. Understanding your fears will help you minimize them as you aim to pursue your dreams.

Blow up the obstacles between you and your best life. When you use your dynamite to dispel your "shoulds," overcome defeating beliefs and understand your fears, you gain the courage it takes to pursue and realize your life's ambition. It's your life, live it to the fullest.

Lisa Martin, professional certified coach, is the author of Briefcase Moms: 10 Proven Practices to Balance Working Mothers' Lives. A working mother with 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she is the founder and president of Briefcase Moms?, an international coaching and personal development company with a mission to "make it easier for working mothers to live balanced and successful lives." She helps professional, executive and entrepreneurial women pursue their dreams without stress and guilt. Visit her website at:


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