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......veDik LIFESTYLE IS

IN nvraaTRii

ruup (FORM) & naam (NAME)


In recent weeks and especially in the nine days of nvraaTRii, we have learned  a lot on this PVAF web site through the teachings of veD about the current time era we live in called  kli-yug in veD. veD is a sNskRUt word meaning SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION.....

veDik lifestyle means to live as per the SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION.....And as the current humanity knows we have started to re-learn the SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION through the enlightenment that happened in western civilization some 500 years ago...But the sciences of western civilizations have a long way to go to re-discover all the knowledge contained in veD which humanity for reasons not known seems to have forgotten....

But forgetting does not mean not knowing in the sense of being ignorant....forgetting means a temporary amnesia....and proof of temporary amnesia is being discovered through the current genetic research....which is showing that there is so much knowledge of life and creation in the DNA and the genes that the first thoughts that human DNA contains 95 percent junk codes is being proved false every discovering previously unknown functions in the over 3 billion codes known in human DNA is discovered...and who says with certainty that there is only 3 billion codes in DNA?....

And it is constantly being proved that these genetic codes contain evolutionary knowledge of LIFE AND CREATION probably stretching over to the beginning of time as the current science knows....proof?...genetic science has discovered that those whose lineage survived the Spanish flue epidemic which killed 18 million people on this planet earth have automatic resistance to HIV through genetic memory carried in the genes of the survivors.....

Please click on the next line to continue this interesting knowledge sharing about veD, genetic memory and proof the human  genes contain genetic memory of veDik this veDik month of aassvin which has so many celebrations teaching humanity to uphold their own DHARm and also the universal DHARm which empowers all creations including humans to co-exist.......

universal DHARm
EXISTS IN kli-yug...

Taking this theory of genetic memory one step further it is not un-scientific to say that the basic knowledge to live veDik lifestyle is already in the genes of the current humanity....except the knowledge is encoded to be dormant due to the effect of kli-yug....

In kli-yug only less than 25 percent of the humanity will live their lives and conduct themselves by the universal rules and regulations of DHARm..... DHARm is fundamental operating system of life created at the beginning of time....This operating system is similar to Microsoft operating system more the computers systems at the present time...every body knows what happens when you do not operate your computer with this Microsoft computer system or corrupt it...your computer malfunctions or at worst will not work at all or be dead....

And the same thing happens in our life...malfunctions or dies....examples of malfunctions: lifestyle diseases such as asthma, heart attacks, diabetes, Crohn's and Colitis, arthritis...all these are in epidemic status currentlly with no known reason or no known cure...these diseases are due to one's own immune system or life system is attacking oneself....current medical science can only tone down the immune system to reduce the attack but cannot cure any of these afflictions....and worse happens if you take the drugs that suppress immune system: the side effects of drugs create more body malfunctions... which have to be treated with more drugs....and these side effects again does not have any known cures either....

But if one starts studying veD and starts living by its knowledge of SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATIONS then all of the modern afflictions will disappear as the root cause or genesis of the affliction will be understood through veD... and thus this understanding will remove the life conflict which cause the affliction by understanding to live veDik lifestyle...

And the first step of living a veDik lifestyle is to start to live by the rules and regulations of DHARm which is the fundamental operating system of veDik lifestyle....And a reminder about the first rule of DHARm is:


Another proof of genetic memory of veDik lifestyle in all humanity is found recently....peoples from Africa celebrating nvraaTRii in Jaamnagar, Sauraashtra, gujraat, bhaart (India) to the point that the music of these peoples from Africa has been adopted in the original nvraaTRii music of veDik peoples of Sauraashtra....please continue reading this in the following news items....  

Navaratri Dance To
African Tunes

From Hinduism Today & NDTV.COM : JAMNAGAR, GUJARAT, INDIA, October 22, 2004:
Rajiv Pathak
Friday, October 22, 2004 (Jamnagar):

In Junagadh in Gujarat, the Garba is performed on a different rhythm, rather than a traditional one.

A group of Africans, who came to India around the 12th century, have now assimilated the culture of their adopted home into Garba tunes.

Most members of the band are ethnic or Sidhi Africans. And the Navaratras leading to Dussehra is a time of celebration for them.

"We have been doing this for a long time, playing these instruments since childhood. Navratri is a big night for us," says Rafiq, musician.

Cultural ties

The Sidhi community has been here since ages and today their only link with Africa is through music and dance.

There are around 30,000 Sidhis living around Junagadh, most of them Sufi Muslims. And over the centuries, they have smoothly adapted to the local culture and customs.

"We have been here for years and we talk the language. We came from Africa, but that was a long time back. We don't know our own language. We live here, Hindu and Muslims together," says musician Iqbal.

Garba performers enjoy their music and these power-packed musicians are in demand this Navaratri. And African rhythms on a Garba night is an example of music that crosses the barriers of community.


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