Niradhar Vruddha Sahay, Help to Widow Women
Posted by Narendrabhai Narottambhai Lad on November 9, 2004

Niradhar Vruddha Sahay, Help to Widow Women Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram-Bilimora & Shree Prajapati Mahila Mandal-Bilimora help to widow women.

Mr. Narendra N. Lad - PIIT - Manager



Shree Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram-Bilimora and Shree Prajapati Mahila Mandal-Bilimora help to the widow women.

                                                                                                                Reporter - Dr. Kamlesh Prajapati

                                                                                                                                 Mr. Shailesh Mistry

                                                                                                                                 Mr. Narendra Lad


                    Every year this ashram help to the widow women which have no strong family background or leave alone. Behalf of this program this year PVA-Bilimora help to the 34 widow women and give them about Rs. 25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Rupee) i.e. about Rs. 600.00 (Six Hundred Rupee) to every person. This year about Rs. 11,247.00 ($ 250.00) donated by Dr. Chiman D. Lad, california, USA and other amount is added by PVA-Bilimora. This small help of PVA-Bilimora, helpful to this women during Diwali times. Valiben  D. Lad, mother of Dr. Chimanbhai Lad personally on the request of PVA-Bilimora & distribute the fund.

                    We all donate a money to the built a stone temple or any where. But we do not know this money were used in positive direction or not ? We don't want a stone temple, but we wish to build "Human Temple". So, by helping to this widow women or if we donate the money to educate our samajo student then in future we will able to built a "Human Temple".

                    For next year donor who wish to donate in this fund please send their donation by Demand or Check, To, NIRADHAR VRUDDHA SAHAY, SHREE PRAJAPATI VIDHYARTHI ASHRAM, A/C. No. 2828, BILIMORA. Those who wish to donate for education then send your Demand Draft or Check to VIDHYA SAHAYAK FUND, SHREE PRAJAPATI VIDHYARTHI ASHRAM, A/C. No. 4426, BILIMORA.

                    Lastly, Happy Diwali &

                               Happy and Prosperous New Year.


                                Dr. Kamlesh Prajapati

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