Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on November 21, 2004

"We are all individual atman
and as someone who follows advaita vedanta,

I believe that each atman is part of Brahman.

Therefore, we as Hindus must treat all people
equally and decently
regardless of what their social position
 is in today's corrupt world.

We must understand the true meaning of the word
 when we tell others "Namaste."

We shall surely bow to the Divine in others."

(extracted from the today's news posting)

bRaaHmAN, KSHTRiy, vaeeSH`y
and suDRR
(the order of naming as ordained in veD)


Starting November 6, 2004, PVAF published news items about the basic essence of vARAN system created by grandfather creator pRjaapti bRH`maa in this universe we live in and current understanding and conundrum of peoples living their veDik lifestyle around the world by the DHARm of vARAN system......

Today PVAF continues to publish further commentaries on vARAN system based on the knowledge from various veD texts and real life experiences.....

One of the veDik recommendation while reading any these commentary is for YOU to factor in the ordained effect of kli-yug on all creations as explained in yesterday's article and many other veD articles on this PVAF web site...This will help to remove many a questions in YOUR mind about the ambiguity of the practice of vARAN-DHARm in the present veDik time era we live in called kli-yug...

The disintegration and corruption of vARAN system is due to mankind unable to live by the rules and regulations of DHARm to make vARAN system functional for the benefit and welfare of mankind on their eternal path of life-time journeys to achieve moKSH........the ultimate purpose of all YOUR life-time travels to date and to the rest of YOUR time in eternity.....

moKSH state is where YOU as your aat`maa (soul) will experience pure suKH (bliss) in the form of aanND even being embodied with any body and form YOU may wish to take to perform DHaaARmik kARm as per the wish of creator bRH`m.... 

Please click on the next line to read more commentaries of the present day experiences of vARAN system which has been published directly as posted on the web site HINDU UNIVERSE ........

Varna System
the current caste system

Posted on HINDU UNIVERSE by ekrishna on 02/12/00

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12/21/03 11:06 PM Edit Reply Quote by Shaivite:

Excellent article here, Dr. Krishna and I completely agree.

I am not sure what the solutions are to further fixing the current corrupt caste system problem, however. I am also unsure how to bring back the true varna system.

 However, I do acknowledge that the varna system as described in the Gita was important and is important to have today as well.

People need to have the abilities to pursue whatever potentials they have. It should definitely not be the hierarchial system that it is today.

I think the best and easiest thing that we all can do as Hindus is to speak out against the corrupted caste system and treat all people equally regardless of social status in society.

We are all individual atman and as someone who follows advaita vedanta, I believe that each atman is part of Brahman. Therefore, we as Hindus must treat all people equally and decently regardless of what their social position is in today's corrupt world.

We must understand the true meaning of the word when we tell others "Namaste." We shall surely bow to the Divine in others.

Namaskaar. ~Shaivite~

Love all and serve all. Surrender to the Divine.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." --Mahatma Gandhi

"Love moves the world." --His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

aum namaH shivAya

#37284 - 12/22/03 08:46 AM Edit Reply Quote from Americanhindu guru:

You see, people IN INDIA have to take back their religion and how LORD KRSNA had explained to ARJUN in GITA in original meaning of VARNA system.

That DIVINE message of LORD KRSNA still holds eternal truth about all societal occupational or functioning at different levels.

This is where your govt has to start her work to unite Hindus first.

The greatest harm would not have happenned if there was no invasions starting from 250BC.

But now it is of no use in going back and all blame is just a waste of time.

Could you please gather some occupational or vocational choices that are available under each categories now and post them separately as a different post or continue here?

I don't know exactly what jobs are usually taken by BRAHMINS, KSHATRIYA, VYSYA and SUDRA categories now.

Dalits should be included under SUDRAS or any category now, depending on what positions or jobs that they take..all janitors in USA may fall under SUdDRAS only, if I got that right by definition now.

Here are some of the vocations that we have in USA!
Let me know where these will fall under now for our discussions here.

Based upon interests, there are fields of work in all societies, I believe to certain extent.

Now do you have people who are

1) artistic? who can design or communicate non-verbally thru arts and crafts?

2) scientific? who can create notes or manuals on how things work? or actually manufacture physical, medical science or biological science related things that are being used in lab or in applied tech. workshop settings?

3) How about plant botanists or animal zooligists? who can be employed in agricultural or animal husbandry, care or trg, etc., ARAy Milk products in Mumbai employees a lot of people that I had seen a long time ago. Is it still there?
Don't forget the forest preservation or forestry dept.

4) Police officers and fire in Homeland security now. you need specific ed and trg on safety and law enforcement. they fall under Kshatriya varna as in protective services, if I am right!

5) How about mechanics, mechanical engineers, etc?
service and repair work falls under Sudras only. They repair using high tech knowledge; construction and or transportation requirements of all people are also in need of people who are specialized in mechanics and technology.

6) Industrial workers in auto manufactureing, machine tools, printing, or production of goods and tool designs, etc.

7) HOw about these people in vysya varna category?
The stock brokers, sales people, banking, detail oriented computer service sales, etc, Do you sell insurance and food products in India like in a grocery store?
Selling of any kind of goods and services again comes under vysya only.even prostitution is a sales here w services to those who need such people. Retail, wholesale, real estate sales, automotive sales, securities sales, etc all come under your vysya category only.

8) How about hotel/motel industry?
where all services are like room and board, lodging, food, personnel etc all directed to serving tourists or passengers who may visit your town!

9) Health care workers, like "AYAHS" or CNA as we call them here (CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS), nurses, doctors, para professionals in health and education fields are all included in service category. UN humanitarian service workers also fall under this category of sudras too!

10)Here a professor or a person like an educator or a teacher is considered to be Brahmins, mainly because they teach or explain or interpret things for all people by explanations. In other words, they are the ones who give out technical details in all fields. lawyers are another example of research and devt personnel, as they are involved in writing up new legislation and interpreting them as needs to be.

11) Leading and influencing or bossing around people will be those leaders, who fall under Kshatriya or administrative category. Again, like in all categories these skilled people have to have specific training or ed in all fields, whereever there are bosses~education, social, health sciences, and general administration. you have what you call the "secretariat w al local govt depts" which is similar to what we have here in USA.

12) I almost forgot about dancers, musicians, and other entertainment industry..the artists are all sudras only..
the play writers or lyric writers are Brahmins, while the porducers, directors etc are kshatriyas, advertisement dept is sales or vysya in movie industry, while the artists and actors, actresses or supporting people are all sudras only.

more explain our great VARNA system!

I got to go wash my clothes now..I am a home made dalit which comes under sudra just for now! But my main interests are mostly families and kids.

Happy Holidays to you all! Happy 2004!

Don't forget to VOTE for Dr.DEAN, md as president of USA in 2004!

Thank you eKrsna!

may LORD SHIVA and PARVATI bless you all today!

I love hinduism the best.
MAY Almighty BRAHMAN bless you all every day!


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