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Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on March 26, 2001

If you are a trained swimmer and especially a life guard you would know that a swimmer, however good and strong, if the swimmer struggles in water is sure to drown. Swim through the current of life is no different....if you struggle you will drown...so how do we not drown....by learning not to struggle...by learning about life and its sciences....and how to live a life...as designed by our Creator....

Most of the time it is not very easy to realize even some simple truths about life. A lot of times it takes really many hard knocks in life to realize a truth.

A truth is some scientific fact which let us see the reality behind anything life . For example, now we know the truth about smallpox - that it is called by a germ which if avoided or immunized against will not disfigure you or even kill you. Small pox as we all know was an epidemic which is now practically wiped out from our lives.

I am 55 years old. I am an engineering graduate and have done well for the last 33 years in the engineering corporate world to the extent of having my own business. I do not remember ever struggling in my engineering life.

It was only about 10 years or so ago that I realized that I seem to always struggle in non-engineering part of my life. And that includes just about everything beyond 8 works of daily work life. Then somehow though grace of Bhagvan, Ved entered my life and the struggles seems to be lessening day by day.

Now I have realized that if I had not had engineering education then I would have struggled in doing engineering works too. And that is the reason why I was struggling in life - because I did not have education about life through life sciences.

The education about life is in Ved. Life science is Ved. Life sciences in Ved are based on philosophies of all creations in this universe.

The formal teaching and study of Ved has been now "lost" for a long time. The starting sloks in Chapter 4 of Bhagvat Gita says so.

We know about Ved through our genetic memory and the Vedic lifestyle we copy from our parents, relatives and Vedic community. We practice Ved through our genetic memory and by association with Vedic peoples.

For the last 500 years, Ved is coming back to life in the form of some very rudimentary sciences of how the world and the nature we exist in functions and relates to us as humans depending on nature. But the current sciences have only taken only baby steps in search for this knowledge of the physcial world we live in. Physical sciences have a long way to go.... especially in emotional and spiritual domains..

Some knowledge of Ved has been preserved in Sanskrit language write-ups existing among Vedic peoples. Vedic peoples are generally found in the current times in the eastern parts of this planet earth. I believe from Vedic study and recent archeological finds that the entire humanity was Vedic once upon a time. These Vedic writings have no known dates. But when one starts studying Ved one realizes that Ved is also an operating and maintenance manual that our Creator gave us when He created us - the human kind. It is no different than our computer or car or refrigerator manual. One also realizes in Ved study that Ved is universal sciences and has not connotation of the word "religion" as is normally interpreted and expressed by different peoples in the last 2500 years.

One of the essential features about Ved is that you can only learn Ved by living by Ved. This also means that Ved is taught by life itself. Saying this Ved was traditionally learned by studying and discussing with live people and people learned in Ved. Discussion is also a teacher.

I am hoping that with this fine new message board, we all Vedic people will be able to learn and teach each other Ved to alleviate our life struggles. If you are a trained swimmer you would know that a swimmer, however good, if he struggles in water is sure to drown. I hope to hear from my fellow "strugglers" in life.

Prajapati Vishva Ashram is presently compiling Ved knowledge to go on this web site. There is some Ved articles on the web pages. Please keep on visiting the Ved pages on this web site as there is more Ved coming to these pages soon.

(The Sanskrit words in the above write-up are in italics

Prayer from Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry: May Bhagvan help me in doing my daily panch maha-yagna so that all the Devo are nourished and in turn they will nourish me to serve Bhagvan forever as his nimmitt. )

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