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Hindu University of America
Searching for a Program-Coordinator for
Training Hindu Priests for 21st Century

HINDU UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA: Orlando, Florida; January 29, 2005:

For addressing the needs for Hindu priests for global community beyond India, Hindu University has immediate plans for offering Master’s degree and diploma courses in Paurohtiya, and for certification for priest who are previously trained elsewhere.

The curriculum of the Paurohtiya program is being implemented to train the priest to be effective as functioning as cultural ambassadors – spokespersons on matters of Hindu customs and practices, participate in interfaith meetings, and interact with the current younger generation as well as non-Hindu community.

Hindu University is looking for a faculty member (at professorial or other suitable position) who would undertake the responsibility as program coordinator for development and implementation of instructional as well as certification programs.

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The Training Hindu Priest Program is designed to train priests to carry out the following:

  1.  Performing various pujas and sanskaras with explanations of various rituals and procedures followed.

  2. Performing temple worship rituals as needed for the temple and deities assigned.

  3. Instructing, facilitating and guiding the Hindu community members on how to perform pujas and sanskaras.

  4. Delivering talks to Hindu and non-Hindu community on various aspects and relevance of Hindu tradition, culture and way of life, in schools, churches or elsewhere.

  5.  Participating in interfaith dialogues as representative of Hindu traditions.

  6. Providing Hindu tradition based spiritual, social and religious counseling to the needy members of the society.

  7. Communicating, training and educating in Hindu thoughts customs, values, texts, traditions and practices to children, practicing Hindu’s, non-Hindu and non-Indian individuals in a style and lingo suitable for such interactions.

  8. To have knowledge of other faiths so as to understand and appreciate the sensitivities of the members of other religious faith.

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You can visit the Hindu University of America  web site by clicking on the preceding hilited university name to learn more about the university....and please continue reading this important development of the curriculum to train Hindu Priests to serve western countries at the Hindu University of America by clicking on the next line.......

From: Hindu University of America

Qualifications for Program-Coordinator for Training Hindu Priests for 21st Century

Candidates for this position need to hold qualifications/experience equivalent to a doctorate degree in a related area and should possess desire and expertise to develop teaching and research programs in Paurohitya.

Expertise and training in practicing and teaching Paurohitya is needed.

The curriculum and courses need to be developed with the help of other faculty members and adjunct faculty at HU (and other adjunct faculty to be added).

Expertise and interest in developing and teaching other courses and carrying out research in areas of interest to Hindu University is desirable.

Adequate knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for faculty in Paurohitya program.

Computer literacy including ability to handle word-processors, e-mails, web-search, and preparation of Power-Point slides etc. is necessary for effectiveness in this position.

The medium of instruction at HU is English. Faculty members need to be fluent in written and conversational English.

For further information, suggestions, nominations or enquiries for the above positions, please contact University President Prof. Kuldip C. Gupta at

Nominations and applications require detailed resume, names of three references, and a statement of interest/purpose in relation to Hindu University. E-mail communications are preferred.

Postal mail may be sent to: Prof. Kuldip Gupta, Hindu University of America, 113 N. Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, FL 32825 (USA), phone 407-275-0013.

All submissions are considered in strict confidence. Hindu University is an affirmative action & equal opportunity employer. Hindu University environment is being developed to provide a unique opportunity for dedicated individuals to contribute to the spread of spirituality (according to Hindu tradition) through education.

The scope of the University can be seen from a document entitled “HU in 2010 – Our Vision.” available at our website Hindu University of America ( We invite you to join in pioneering efforts for realization of our shared dreams!


The mission of Hindu University of America is to provide learning, research, and training in a broad spectrum of topics related to Vedic/Hindu culture including religions, philosophies, practices, etc.

The University aims to promote the catholicity of Hinduism, and to establish harmony among eastern religious thoughts and modern sciences, thereby contributing to better human understanding and global peace.

The University is committed to a comprehensive and liberal education with a broad curriculum at masters and doctoral levels in various areas related to Hindu religion, philosophy, language and culture providing the students with a practical base for their spiritual growth.

The University fulfills the growing need of modern western society to obtain authentic and unbiased understanding of the vast and rich heritage of Hindu culture, traditions, philosophy, etc. Advanced diplomas and degree programs currently offered are Hinduism, Hindu Philosophy, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation, Yoga Education, Ayurvedic Sciences, Hindu/Vedic Astrology, Sanskrit, and Divine Music.


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