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Typical  swastika.

UK Hindus Start Campaign to Prevent
 Europe-Wide Ban on Swastika Continues:


Preeti Raichura, chairperson of the Hindu Youth UK Leicester and representative to the Hindu Council UK, issued the following statement regarding proposals to ban the use of the swastika in the European Union:

  • For thousands of years the Swastika has been used in the name of Goodness, Purity, Love and tolerance. But the true meaning of the Swastika has been diminished by the rein of the Nazis. Once a symbol that was universally accepted from all walks of life with open arms is now tainted with the scrutiny dictated by Hitler.

  • The word Swastika originates from the Sanskrit language and is composed of two separate words: Su and Asti. Su meaning "good" and Asti "to exist." As per Sanskrit grammar the words Su and Asti when amalgamated into one word become Swasti (as in the case of Su and Aagatam becoming Swagatam meaning welcome). If this derivation of the word Swastika is true, then the literal meaning of the term Swastika would be "let good prevail." So if the swastika means "let good prevail" why would anyone want to ban its use?

  • Our so-called multi-cultural, society shouldn't even be questioning its use but welcoming the very meaning of it. The swastika is seen as a powerful symbol to Hindus and holds the unshakable faith of millions around the world. The swastika is a symbol of Lord Ganesha, the Lord of prosperity, happiness, luck and the remover of obstacles. In both Hinduism and Jainism, the Swastika is used to mark the opening pages of account books, doors and thresholds, and during the time of any religious ceremony.

  • Nazi Germany took an ancient Hindu symbol and perverted it to such a degree that it can never be used again without bringing up all the associations of death, destruction, hatred and vileness that it perpetrated.

  • If the Swastika is displayed in any of the "civilized" parts of the earth, the reactions of the viewer are universally of rage and disgust. How can such a beautiful meaning be corrupted to such extremes? Just because some less educated, ignorant members of our society do not associate the symbol with Hindu ideology as a positive symbol of the cosmos, discounting thousands of years of positive Hindu association with the swastika, the West, instead see this as a history purely in terms of its more recent, 70-year-old link with Hitler and the Nazi killing machine.

  • As a British-born Hindu, bought up in multi-cultural Leicester, I believe the swastika can be used as a means of bringing communities together, and sharing a universal approach of community cohesion, and togetherness, promoting goodness and tolerance.

  • Swastika has been used for centuries by people far beyond India. The significance of Swastika is still prevalent today within Hinduism and other religions. Within Buddhism the Swastika means the 4 L's: Luck, Light, Love and Life. To the People of Mexico and Central America, the Swastika is used as a charm to drive away evil, bring good luck, long life and prosperity. Marks of the Swastika have also been found on coins dated back 2,300 years. T

  • he Swastika's influence has reached the length and breadth of the world and has influenced people in one way or another. The Swastika has proved to be a universal symbol which is beyond national boundaries, religion, race and gender.

  • Personally, I don't think putting a ban on the Swastika is going to stop Hindu's using this very sacred symbol during times of religious ceremonies, and neither do I believe Hindu's should stop using the symbol they have used for thousands of years as a gesture of "goodness."

  • Hindu Youth UK Leicester, organizers of "Get Connected" Leicester Extravaganza, have been involved in educational campaigns to educate communities on the meaning of the non threatening use of the Swastika, reassuring the British society that this symbol is not associated with the Nazi's.

The flag of  and the Flag Ratio: 5:3Flag Dimensions: 100 x 60Disc Diameter: 45Arm Width: 6

In 1920, Adolf Hitler decided that the Nazi Party needed its own insignia and flag. For Hitler, the new flag had to be "a symbol of our own struggle" as well as "highly effective as a poster." (Mein Kampf, pg. 495) On August 7, 1920, at the Salzburg Congress, this flag became the official emblem of the Nazi Party.

Unfortunately, the Nazis were so effective at their use of the swastika emblem, that many around the world do not even know any other or true or sacred meaning for the swastika.

Can there be two completely opposite meanings for one symbol?

As per puraaANo texts which tells the history and sciences of creation and life in the past, present and future and forms part of the texts of veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE AND CREATION:

  • "s`vs`tik symbol is seen on the anNt-naag or shesh-naag.
  •  anNt-naag or shesh-naag is the manifested form of the unmanifested creator bRH`m.
  • anNt-naag or shesh-naag supports all the bRHmaaNDo (universes) created by bRH`m to manifest bRH'm's iCHCHaa to be many.
  • Nobody knows the true essence of anNt-naag or shesh-naag as HE is a direct unborn, eternal manifestation of a shk`ti of bRH`m.
  • But anNt-naag or shesh-naag supports all the bRHmaaNDo (universes) and its fire destroys each bRHmaaND (universe) at the time of its nimitt and pRaakRut ly (decreation and absorbed into grandfather bRH`maa and creator bRH`m respectively at the end of the 4.32 billion and 311.04 trillion years respectively"
  • anNt-naag or shesh-naag is always associated with SRii kRUSH`AN as shown in the photo below with shHsTRM heads meaning thousand or innumerable heads and  SRii kRUSH`AN is shown resting in the lap of  anNt-naag or shesh-naag in His yog-niNDRaa mode ensuring sustainance of all creations by protecting DHARm which sustains all creations.

(Information from puraaANo shared by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii from the veD library)

vishnu.jpg (10804 bytes)


On Feb 3 & 4, 2005 PVAF published information on the veDik symbol s`vs`tik to empower humanity to know and understand the TRUTH in expression of this symbol handed down to humanity by creator bRH'm from the start of each cylce of creation known as bRHmaa's day = 4.32 billion years.....Please refresh your memory of this knowledge just by clicking on the web page addresses noted below:

And to continue to learn about  s`vs`tik or Swastika, .....please click on the next line to read the understanding of s`vs`tik or Swastika from the article on the web site HINDU COUNCIL UK ..titled "WHOSE SWASTIKA IS IT ANYWAY".....or you can read it on the HINDU COUNCIL UK web site by clicking on the name...


Whose swastika is it anyway?

Sky News live interview on Swastika at 7.45am Sunday 23rd January with Anil Bhanot of Hindu Council UK. Following a short report on the current Swastika controversy Mr Bhanot explained its importance to the Hindus in answers to these questions put forward by the Newscaster. These answers are slightly edited for completeness in this email.

Q. In these modern times here as you saw in the report, Swastika represents evil, violence, hatred and murder, how do you respond to that?

A. No, it represents auspiciousness, innocence, devotion and purity, through its four arms and in totality represents good living, well being and good life. It is only in the 1900's that the German Nationalists movement picked it out for its one connotation for purity as they wanted to establish a pure race that it has been abused but before them it has been used at least for the last 10000 years and you cannot narrow its meaning down to just what happened in Nazi Germany. Besides they did not use the real Swastika, whose colour is supposed to be of the rising Sun, theirs was black and tilted not rested flat and in line with the Sun. Theirs was what we call a tantric (the Occult ) Swastika representing the dark forces. Whilst theirs is for one race purity our has four dots, one in each arm, representing 4 original races of mankind, the Caucasian, the Negro, the Chinese and the Red Mongoloid and each race is equally represented in the overall circle that represents mother Earth, i.e., sharing the resources in equal proportions.
Hindu Swastika                                Nazi Swastika

Is there no way you can move onto a new symbol?

A. No, not at all. It is intrinsically entwined in the worship methods of Hinduism. Every prayer, every ceremony uses it at the start. It represents Ganesh, the first born son of God, as far as Hindus are concerned and it is the oldest religion in the world, it represents wisdom and is prayed to at the start of any prayer or ceremony. We cannot do Ganesh prayer/puja without the Swastika and without Ganesh puja no other puja can take place or any ceremony, for instance, a wedding cannot take place. The Swastika is that essential to Hinduism.

A Wedding Card

Q. It has already had an outright ban in Germany and the European Union has said that they
will consider banning it across Europe. How does your community feel about that.

A. Legislators can ban whatever they like but the Hindu community will continue to use it. It is only 2nd in importance to Om, the first syllable of the universe, the sound that occurred at the beginning of creation, the big bang, of the universe in this particular cycle, a mahakalpa which in Hindu timescale lasts zillions of years, and the Swastika represents the first pictorial reference for our solar system. Not only it is spiritual it is also associated to Hindu astrology, the magnetic forces of our planets and most predominantly the Sun. Furthermore it is used by the Jains and the Buddhists and will affect probably a 2 billion people. Four Swastikas adorn the Dalai lama's monastery in Tibet.

OM & Swastika
Mayan civilisation used it, the Navaho Indians, the Hopi whose can be seen on their prophesy rock in the middle of a painting of the Sun.
Of course Hinduism being the only spiritual centre then, as people moved away from its central source the worship got watered down to bare essentials like just the Sun worship or worshipping the idols without any spiritual element, for instance, in the middle east and so on.
End of Interview.
My Question to the European Union is that since the Ku Klux Klan uses the Christian Cross for Nazi activity could they ever consider banning it, also?
This email is circulated to all UK MP's, UK MEP's, German MEP's, French MEP's, Spanish MEP's and Italian MEP's. May I request them all that if they believe in our individual right for freedom of worship to then sign the petition below, which is written and hosted by others but supported by Hindu Council UK on grounds of our basic human right to freedom of speech.
On behalf of the Hindu community in the UK, I shall be present at the Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th at the House of Commons to share our principles with the host.
A Bhanot
General Secretary
Hindu Council UK
Other facts re Swastika:
1. Cave paintings dated c. 10000BC
2. Painted Vases in Sammara tombs, c. 4000BC
3. Indus Valley Seals in Mesopotamia, c. 2300BC
4. Vases in Cappadicia, c.2000BC
5. Artefacts in Troy, Greece
6. Evidence in China (Wan for Swastika), Afganistan, North & South Americas
7. Long predates the Egyptian symbol, the Ankh.




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