Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on February 18, 2005

viSH`ANu resting in the lap of  shesh-naag and sustaining whatever is created by pRjaapti bRH`maa

In Texas, USA, Austin's Hindu community
 will soon have a TEMPLE.

2/17/2005 2:20 PM: By: News 8 Austin Staff:

The Hindu Community has taken a major step to bring a temple to Austin, Texas, USA. It took a long time planning and securing money for the land but on February 16, 2005 the ground was broken in East Travis County. The groundbreaking ceremony was three years in the making. But Austin’s 11,000 Hindu families now have 76 acres just north of Austin to build a temple and activity centers. “This place will also be for Austinites, not only Hindus, but Austinites. We want to be a part of the larger community,” Uma Gupta of the Austin Hindu Temple said. The temple facility will house priests, deacons and give them a place to practice their rites. The plan also includes playgrounds, soccer fields and volleyball courts as well as a place for cultural exhibits.

So far they have raised $200,000 for Phase One of the project and they’ll need $550,000 to complete the first part of the project. The whole plant will cost several millions of dollars, Gupta said.

Brahma, the Creator, is depicted with four heads, each reciting one of the four .

pRjaapti bRHmaa, the creator of everything in an bRHmaaND (universe) , has four heads, each reciting one of the four Vedas.


For other news on the construction of veDik temples in USA and eternality of veD knowledge and how to access this veD knowledge as proved by grandfather pRjaapti bRH`maa please click on the next line ...

tt tvm asi = YOU are THAT....

PVAF's mandate is to spread the knowledge of SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE which is called veD in sNskRUt language....This is with an understanding from the search, receipt and study of veD by PVAF's veDik scholars that all the knowledge that humanity requires for its daily well-being and welfare already existed in grandfather pRjaapti bRH`maa in the form of veD and as given to him by creator bRH`m...However to access this veD knowledge at the start of creation cycle in a bRHmaa-day (= time span of 4.32 billion human years in this universe of ours), pRjaapti bRH`maa had to perform tps`y (yogik meditative penance) for 10,000 of bRH`maa-years (= 1.296 billion human years) after bRH`maa asked the following questions upon his self-birth out of the lotus in the navel of mHaa-viSHANu who is resting as a child on a fig leaf on the waters of the universal deluge which absorbed the entire creation in bRH`maa-Himself upon completion of the previous creation cycle a the end of the bRHmaa-day:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • What am I suppose to do?

Creator bRH'm in the form of a daiivik vaaANi (godly voice without the manifestation of god) answered pRjaapti bRH`maa:

" You are bRH`maa who has taken birth again in this kl`p (=  time span of equal day and night of bRH`maa's one day life = 8.64 million years) to create everything in this bRH`m aaND (universe) as per MY sty-kaamnaa (Truth-based and Truth-guided wish) and sty-sNkl`pnaa (Truth-based and Truth guided thinking and imagination) to be many and to do sevaa (service) and provide klyaan (welfare and well-being) to the many created."

With this instruction from creator bRH`m, pRjaapti bRH`maa started his ordained job to create but after several tries realized He had no powers or knowledge to create anything. Therefore pRjaapti bRH`maa performed another tps`y for another 10,000 bRH`maa-years (=1.296 billion human years*) upon which creator bRH`m blessed pRjaapti bRH`maa with the knowledge of veD = SCIENCES OF CREATION AND LIFE. At this time creator bRH`m also instructed pRjaapti bRHmaa that with this veD knowledge:

"He will not be required to create anything new that He has not created in His previous creation cycles of bRH`maa-day but each creation will have about 35 changes in each klp. And if and when pRjaapti bRH`maa would experience difficulty in creating anything as per these instructions, then pRjaapti bRH`maa should just remember creator bRH`m and creator bRH`m would solve his difficulty immediately".....

(*Please note the time measurement in human domain and the domains of daevtaao (gods) is different. One day measurement in the domain of daevtaao is equal to 360 days in the domain of humans)

Creator bRH`m also has proclaimed that:

  • veD knowledge to be eternal and is always for the benefit of all creations to empower each and every creation to live with the rules and regulations of DHARm which is part of veD knowledge;
  • Living by the rules and regulations of DHARm will empower any creation to have a life with suKH (happiness and joy). If one lived a life breaking the rules and regulations of DHARm and veD then one will suffer the cycles of suKH followed by DuKH (pain and suffering)....

The creation of the veDik temple in Austin, Texas, USA for the purposes outlined in the news item proves the fact that veDik knowledge is eternal and will be available to any creation at this temple......And to empower with continual search, receipt and study of veD knowledge all in Austin and other places on this planet earth PVAF has published this news item today.

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The above is a partial listing for YOUR quick reference....but please click on the word ARCHIVE which will take you to the AASHRAM NEWS page and find many articles on eternality of veD knowledge....This understanding will empower you to live in the current world of evolving sciences with its inherent struggle of whether to believe or not to believe in veD knowledge and costly results thereof of living in partial knowledge or what is called aviD`yaa = IGNORANCE in veD texts....  





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