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From Hinduism Today: The Star, Malaysia: Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, February 12/05:

After 10 years, school sweethearts Lee Li Lin and K.A. Vijayakumar found the most memorable time to tie the nuptial knot: at 4.40 am.

A temple priest had advised them that it was the most auspicious time to get married explained the couple who went through their wedding rites according to Hindu custom at the groom's house.

Despite the unusual time, about 100 family members, relatives and friends witnessed the wedding ceremony. Lee, a 23-year-old clerk and Vijayakumar, a 26-year-old technician, said that a priest told them that the time between 3.30 am and 5 am, known as the brama muhurtam (time when the Heavenly Gods ascend to earth to bless a couple), was the most auspicious time to get married. Australian expatriate Geoff Endres, 50 who was among the wedding guests, said he was fascinated by the ceremony. "Certainly, I have never attended a wedding at 4 am," he quipped.


Typical  swastika.

WHAT IS bRH`m-muHuuARt?

In veDik time measurement system a muhuuARt is a duration of 48 minutes. In a day and night of 24 hours there are 30 muhuuARt.

The 2 muHuuARt duration before sunrise is called bRHm-muHuuARt which is ordained in veD as the time for performing daily puujaa, worship, meditation and study of veD. A person living a veDik lifestyle is required by veD shaasTR to get up in the bRHm-muHuuARt and perform puujaa, meditation and study of veD prior to the rising of the sun every day.

The 15 muhuuARt of the day time are divided into a 5 time span of 3 muhuuARt duration each and from the time the sun's half rising on the horizon are called in sequence: pRaatH-kaal (morning), sMgv, mDH`yaaHn (noon), apraaHn (afternoon) and pRDoSH or sNDHyaa-kaal (dusk).

Each of the 30 muHuuARt in a 24 hour cylce has a name and has attributes of 3-guno of sttvik, rjsik and tmsik which in turn could be of good, indifferent or bad omens for the activities undertaken during the muHuuARt duration.

For example, the time duration from 9 pm to 4 pm is ordained for creations of raaKSHshik vRuttii. The living beings of raaKSHshik vRuttii are asurik (evil) or aDHARmik (paapi) nature and are ordained to become awake and active during this time period. And their kARm are harmful  and/or fatal to all living beings during this night time period. Therefore humans or living beings of good nature are not advised to venture out during this time duration to avoid the adverse life effects.

Recent surveys in many countries prove this fact with statistics that majority of major thefts, murders, shootings, fights in bars and night clubs, fatal car and other accidents and avoidable life harm to innocent beings caught in the cross-fire or being at a wrong place at the wrong time occurs during this period of the night as ordained in veD.   

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PVAF invites YOU to share on this knowledge-sharing web site YOUR knowledge of veDik time concept and its meaning....

Knowledge of this science of time is very helpful in providing sustenance, growth and continuation of lineage to all creations.

For example, the current time era in veD is called kli-yug and is of the duration of 432,000 human years. During kli-yug due to the effect of kli-daev who is the presiding deity of the kli-yug, all creations tend to not live according to the rules and regulations of DHARm as per information in puraaAN texts.

This means in kli-yug to commit paap (sin) through performing aDHARmik kARm is the normal tendency of all humanity - as easy as to the natural tendency to breath.

But once YOU know the details of this kli-yug phenomenon YOU would also know how to live a lifestyle without committing paapi kARm meaning YOU would know how to live by the rules and regulations of DHARm. veD also states that in kli-yug the environment of DHARm keeps on decreasing as the time span of kli-yug proceeds to its end.

Presently we are in the 5017th year of kli-yug. And towards the end of kli-yug DHARm practically is non-existent. And due to this fact there is complete chaos and unregulated and anarchic lifestyle in humanity. And to eliminate this chaotic lifestyle and restore the lifestyle of DHARm, viSH`ANu-Daev will incarnate in HIS 10th avtaar (incarnation) and will do His ordained duty to wipe out all aDHARmik creations and just leave the DHARmik creations to move to the next yug called st`y-yug....

(All non-news write-up of veD knowledge shared herein with YOU by SRii Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry from his veD library with a prayer that the knowledge will inspire YOU to search, find and study the knowledge contained in veD texts left for humanity's well-being and welfare leading to ultimate path of moKSH) meaning a life-paths and life-journeys free from the cycles of suKH (prosperity, happiness and joy) definitely followed by DuKH (suffering of pain and loss) and lead YOU to a life-paths and life-journeys of eternal aanND (pure bliss) shaanti shaanti...shaaNtM tt st.....)

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