A Prajapati Story
Posted by Dipesh Champaklal Mistry on April 15, 2001

A boy named Prajapati had two bosom buddies. 
A girl named Lad had two bright buddies.
A kid named Mistry has no friends but only two true companions. 

It is Fate 
that brings them together 
in their soul-
tingling adventure.



I have given you a prelude to a new and exciting adventure that will be taking place on this website. Its a story about 3 children growing up to find out what Destiny has in store for them.

Its much like us youths wondering what Fate or Destiny has in store for us! The only thing for certain is the future will be exciting.

And that Excitement is starting now!

The Message Board on this website has now added a few more Forums. There were already forums titled General and Lifestyle. But forget those for the moment. 

Now, there is a new, fresh, and exciting Forum......The Youth Forum. 

Register on the Website Message Board. Try it out.

Create some Excitement!

This article is from the Excitable Volunteer Dipesh Mistry
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