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Controversy Over Hindu Priests
Charging Independently and Exorbitantly for
Traditional Prayers

From Hinduism Today: Sunday Times (South Africa),LAUDIUM, SOUTH AFRICA, February 27, 2005:

When Priest Jagadeshan Sharma of the Laudium Sivan Alayam in 13th Avenue charged an undercover reporter US$17 to bless a car, the Sunday Times proceeded to write this article. The news release said, "This week Sharma admitted charging up to $1,726 to offer prayers for new homeowners. The prayers bestow protection and good luck. He also boasted about his fee structure whereby owners of luxury vehicles pay up to $138 for a blessing." Sharma said, "People are building homes for $90,000 to $180,000, so they don't mind paying so much."

Please continue reading this very important and unwanted corruption of veDik lifestyle by those who are supposed to be the guardians of the veDik lifestyle clicking the line at the end of this news item......

As per all the existing and deciphered sNskRUt veDik texts use of knowledge of veD must be as per the  rules of DHARm and some of these rules are as follows including the rules related to the relationship between a bRaaHmAN and the people a bRaaHmAN serves:
  • veD knowledge  or veD texts can never be sold or traded. There is a special nrk (hell) among the 30 kror (300 million) total nrk domains in ym-lok for those who do not abide by this DHARm.
  • veD knowledge has to be attained daily through s`vaaDH`yaay (self study) under the direction of appropriate and competent guru and also freely shared  through daily pRvchn which means discussion with an intent to share the knowledge with others who are also in s`vaaDH`yaay mode...
  • Those who are in the bRaaHmAN category and are competent and have aDHikaar (veDikly ordained right and duty) to perform veDik viDHio (rites and ceremonies prescribed in veD and shaasTR) should only be performing such kARm.
  • A bRaaHmAN should never ask for any fee or compensation for performing his ordained duty. But at the same time those who get served by a bRaaHmAN must give DKSHiANaa (honorarium)  to the bRaaHmAN of an adequate worth befitting the services performed and befitting ones capacity to give and keeping in mind what is required by the bRaaHmAN to maintain his family his SNsaar and his aaSRm where he has his students. Not to give an adequate DKSHiANaa is paap (sin) and consequences are very serious.
  • A DKSHiANaa should consists of worldly wealth and amounts as prescribed in veD and shaasTR and should be given to a bRaaHmAN in the manner prescribed in veD and shaasTR for each service performed.
This news item has been published with a st`y-kaamnaa and st`y-sNkl`pnaa to empower each one of us - the bRaaHmAN and those who need the services of bRaaHmAN to practice their sv-DHARm as ordained and prescribed by veD texts and its shaasTR which forms part of daily veD study at PVAF...... With that intention PVAF invites YOU to share your knowledge and experience on the subject matter of this news items so that we all live according to the knowledge of DHARm and empower us not to commit paapi kARm....

Please click on the POST A COMMENT button in the header of this news item and share as much and as many times as YOU wish....YOU will be doing a great sevaa (service) to humankind and especially those who wish to live by veDik lifestyle....


From Hinduism Today: news item:

Acting president of the temple, Santhan Pillay, said, "We don't have a fee structure in place. People donate as they wish. We will investigate these allegations and take it to our executive committee as a matter of urgency. If necessary, disciplinary action will be taken."

Dr. Rajgopal Kolapan spokesman for the Pretoria Bhajani Mandram temple, said,

  • " Priests' actions have to be sanctioned by the governing body. A priest should not act independently, and demanding any kind of fee is unacceptable. If a priest is accepting money, that is wrong. He is accountable, just like any other employee. Devotees, as well, need to catch a wake-up.
  •  Some buy favor with the priest and will pay $86 to "bribe" the priest or go as far as buying things for his house to get in the priest's good books.
  • Rich people also have to be responsible and not make it difficult for those who can't afford large amounts."

 Mickey Chetty, president of the SA Tamil Federation, adds, "The executive of that organization or institution needs to establish what is acceptable. People should donate voluntarily. What we need to do is look at a unified tariff when prayer goods are supplied by the temple. These exorbitant fees are problematic."


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