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The meaning of omkaar...through 3 aKSHr (letters) of omkaar....the 3rd aKSHar makes you do unconditinal eternal sevaa....
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The Meaning of
(....continuation of previous vED lesson on this PVAF webpage....)

           The divine sound and letter "omkaar" is explained as the creator of all creations and representation of the Creator prm bRH`m.

           The sNskRUt language omkaar is composed on 3 aKSHr (sNskRUt alphabets of either a vowel or a consonant basic form or combination of consonants and vowels as per sNskRUt language grammar rules).

             The first aKSHr is "akaar " vowel and represent naaraayAN. The second aKSHr is "ukaar" vowel and represents naaraayANii. The third aKSHr is "mkaar" and represents aat`maa/puruSH (naaraayAN and naaraayANii are also called in vED as mHaaviSH`ANu and mHaalKSH`mii )

             All these three representations are primary manifestations of Creator prm bRH`m which can be perceived with a physical body provided by pRkRUti.

              In this 3-fold primary manifestation the third "mkaar" representing aatmaa/puruSH is ordained by Creator prm bRH`m to be Daas of naaraayAN and naaraayANii.

             Daas here means that aat`maa will provide any and all sevaa (unconditional services without expectation of a return for sevaa ) that naaraayAN and NaaraayANii  will ever and anytime need in performing their ordained function of creators of all the infinite number of bRHmaaNd (universes)....

            These sevaa by an aat`maa as Daas could be for whatsoever reasons, purposes and kARm wished and desired by Creator prm bRH`m for fulfilling Creator prm bRH`m's st`y-kaamnaa and st`y-sNklp'n ich`chhaa in each and every bRHmaaND.

(This knowledge of the meaning of omkaar is summarized from pD`m puraaAN, ut`trKHNd, Section 6, Chapter 226)


The above vED sciences knowledge means that all of us humans as aat`maa possessing the physical bodies we have acquired are all, in the first instance ordained to be Daas of Creator prm bRH`m.... whom the current humanity calls by various names but God is understood in majority belief systems of all earthlings......and after performing that primary ordained duty of Daas we can do our self-free-will kARm... 

(Should YOU have any questions and/or need additional information or wish to have a vEDik stsNg to understand this explanation of omkaar contributed as vED sciences knowledge sharing by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada then please contact him directly by email by clicking here...Furthermore you may wish to get further explanation of omkaar by clicking here from a previous vED Lesson)





At Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) entire humanity has a universal forum to share their knowledge about this creation called the universe and the life that is lived in this universe.

This knowledge is vital for the well-being and welfare of each individual human and also the human collective in the form of family, community, nation, race, organization, agency, government, religion, and its infinite sub-forms. These collectives of humans are further divided into distinct collectives of human activities. Thus the human collectives are infinite in number. But the bottom line for each human collective has three basic daily objectives:

  1. To create all that it needs;

  2. To sustain all that it creates;

  3. To continually re-create the creation and sustenance so that the collective perpetuates itself in time domain in different evolutionary names and forms.

In order to carry out these daily activities humans need knowledge about how this creation is created, sustained and continually recreated. Such knowledge comes through different mediums which are all  sciences of different kinds. All these sciences exist interactively as all the three life perpetuating daily activities have a unity of purpose - to perpetual creation and life.

PVAF presents this knowledge to empower each human to exist to its maximum potential and to harmoniously co-exist with the rest of the humanity and all creations without loosing one's distinct identity and purpose in life.

PVAF is sharing this knowledge in the form of TODAY'S vED LESSON. vED is a word in sNskRUt language which is the oldest known language on this planet earth and all the different languages seems to have roots in sNskRUt. vED means knowledge of sciences of creation and life including life sustenance of creation and life and cyclic re-creation of all creations and life to receive kARm-fl of previous life-travel in naam (name of creation) and ruup (form of creation), place in the bRHmaaNd (universe) and vEDik time and time in the over 206-lok plus leading to infinite number of lok..suitable to partake the kARm-fl along with having free will lifestyle living options while partaking the kARm-fl ....(a lok is domain of existence with each domain having its own natural universal laws and time-span and time-rate ratings)

These knowledge sharing is complied from all available sources with only one purpose of dissemination: TO MAKE YOUR TOMORROW HAPPIER AND PROSPER THAN TODAY.....     


....vED is
...the eternal and infinite knowledge of 
creation, sustenance and re-creation of
each of the infinite creations and life
in each of the infinite number of
bRHmaaNd (universe)...

 ...veD has
  no beginning, no middle and no end...

....A life-form traveling a life-journey
without the knowledge of
vED is called
a "naked" traveler in vED texts...

om bRH`myae nmH.....

vED is the knowledge of the entire creation. vED imparts to each and every creation how creation is created, how it is sustained after creation, the purpose of each creation, how each creation has to co-exist with all other creations and the grand scheme and meaning of this creation. In this process of imparting knowledge vED also subtly informs about our Creator bRH`m and bRH`m's relationship with all creations singly and collectively.

To get all knowledge through the study of vED is a monumental task ...which could not possibly be completed in one life a life time most of us can get only a degree in one field of science or arts or commerce or medicine or get all the knowledge of ved will take infinite years as the knowledge itself is infinite....

.....But then our creator bRH`m, knowing our limitation of the life cycles, has given us a small life manual in which the basics of creations, its processes, its relationships and its purpose are outlined in about 700 to 750 aphorism like messages of few words at a time......this manual of life is has been given a name "bhgvD giitaa"....Similarly for those who desire to have detailed knowledge vED has 14 major viD`yaa. A viD`yaa is a specific knowledge base similar to what we currently know as engineering, medicine, law, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, grammar......and all the viD`yaa is in 4 vED, 6 vEDNgaa, 108 upniSHD, 108 puraaANo, all shaasTR, all itiHaas including all versions of raamaayAN and entire text of mHaaBHaart......

....Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) has a primary mandate to facilitate all humans to acquire knowledge per se...PVAF believes that studying any part of vED is a good start on this path to acquire let us pray that we study daily tt st...

At present on this planet earth we have various faith systems leading to a Creator...each faith systems has its own name and also a name for whatever it believes as a Creator....but surprisingly all faith systems have one message to all its followers:   "knowledge shall set you free".  Let us then get this knowledge....May the Creator bless us to walk on this path no matter how we stumble, fall or sometimes give up....but we are continually blessed by the Creator to have the strength and the means to get up once more and keep the pursuit of knowledge.... tt shaanti shaanti shaanti...



  • All the sNskRUt words in the write-ups on this web site are in italics. The meaning of these sNskRUt  words as transcribed in English language is being continually included in the Sanskrit Glossary on this web site....It is imperative to understand the full meanings of these sNskrut  words in order to understand the teachings of ved. So please make an effort to visit the Sanskrit Glossary...the kARm-fl will be eternal aanND (bliss).

  • The sNskrut words are spelled as near as possible to the original sNskRUtphonetics. Phonetic based spelling may seem to be different than normal usage but if the sNskRUt words are not spelled and pronounced correctly the meanings could change drastically. An alphabet chart of such phonetics spellings is being developed at Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) and will be shared here as soon as it is available. In the meantime think as a vEDik bhaartiy (person from India with vEDIk  heritage roots) and vEDik genetics as exists in all humankind will let you pronounce the sNskRUt words in here correctly.

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